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Define a tropical storm

An area of low pressure consisting of large clouds with an eye at the center.


What are they known as in India and Bangladesh



What is an medc example of a tropical storm and the effects

Hurricane Andrew in Florida.
30 died
15 missing
No electricity
Storm surge
80,000 homeless
Loss of income from business
Aid quick to come


What is an LEDc example of a tropical storm and the effects

Hurricane Mitch, El Salvador
12,000 dead
16,000 injured
Storm surge
Strong winds led to delay in aid
70,000 homeless
3 million affected
No electricity


Describe the distribution of tropical storms

They are found 10-30 degrees north and south of the equator in warm seas of around 27*


Describe the formation of a tropical storm.

Thunderstorms travel over warm seas picking up energy. Warm air rises and due to the earths rotation the mass of cloud will begin to spin. This causes cool air to be sucked into the eye and more warm air to rise. Cool air causes the wind speed to increase and as the storm travels over the warm oceans picking up more energy and as more energy condenses into the center of the storm the storm becomes more powerful


How can you monitor a tropical storm

Centres such as the national hurricane centre can study the path of a storm as plan the route however, it is only 25% accurate 48 hours before a storm can strike.


Describe ways of reducing the impact of storms

Forecasts - these are open to the public and updates hourly. This way the public can see if they are at risk so they can evacuate
Buildings- in medcs buildings can be made resistant to storms such as water proof windows and windproof tiles
Prepare- educate the public on what to do in the event such as evacuation and disaster plans


How can ledcs be protected from them?

Charity- such as oxfam focus on building shelters and educating the people on how to swim and build better constructed homes with mud soaked bamboo shoots.


Will they increase in the future or no?

become more frequent in last 100 years
Climate change is leading to warmer seas
They have become more intense with wind speeds increasing
Not enough evidence
Just a natural trend
Scientists say the numbers will fall after 2080