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What are the initial actions of the first arriving truck or rescue company?

Forced entry

Primary search



If the rescue company and truck company arrives at the same time who will be generally assigned the task of forced entry and primary search?

Rescue company


On second and third floors what is the most efficient means of accomplishing horizontal ventilation?

By placing a ladder against the building and climbing with the pike pole that will reach two or more windows


What are the initial actions for the second truck company

To assist the first truck company with accomplishing their assigned task

Preform salvage

Utility control

Checking for extension


Make a visual inspection on side Charlie


What is the main objective of the rescue company?

Search and rescue


Where will the search normally begin at?

In the area where the fire is located or the area directly above the fire or sleeping areas


What are considered the two most dangerous areas to be searched?

Close to the fire on the fire floor

In the area directly above the fire


What are the areas most critical areas to be Searched?

Means of egress

And sleeping areas


What should be considered if the fire has possession of the stairs or the first floor?



Introduction of any additional ventilation into the structure will increase what?

Fire intensity and fire spread


Before any ventilation takes place the ventilation team must answer the following questions?

What is the fires location

What is the current ventilation status

Will adding additional ventilation openings affect fire conditions

Where is the hose line


Members must be independently supported when operating on light weight construction. What is a viable and safer option to vent the roof area?

Then the gable ends of the roof


Laddering at a single-family dwelling fire should be done at a minimum to what areas?

To the front and rear of all floors above ground level with attention given to the bedroom windows