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What shell the first engine company communicate to the second engine company?

Method of hose lay


What method of hose lay should be used when possible?

Forward lay


The attack of the fire should be made from where?

From the unbarred portion of the structure towards the seats of the fire.


What is the purpose of the initial attack line?

To protect occupants

To protect the interior stairway

And if possible advance to the seat of the fire for confinement and extinguishment


The second line should be of significant length to reach what location?

The location of the initial attack line or be advanced to the area above the fire if required


What piece of apparatus normally does the second line gets stretched from?

First engine company


If the back up line is not needed to support the attack line, it may be used as the line above the fire but who needs to be notified?



What are the two purposes of the line above the fire?

First is to protect the company doing the primary search of the floor above

Second is to extinguish vertical extension


The one above the fire should be of significant length to reach Where?

The area above the fire and into the attic


Smoke pushing from soffit vents of an overhang is an indication of what?

That the fire may have extended in the attic


How should you wash the underside of the soffit?

By directing a strange dream close and parallel to the wall


How can attic fires be rapidly not down from the exterior upon arrival?

By using the soffit attack


To employ the soffit attack the engine company will match their stream with the angle or pitch of what?

The roof and flow under the gutter and through the soffit


In the event of a deck fire the priority should be to get the hose line where?

To the deck side of the fire to extinguish the deck, the soffit, and the eaves


What are the mandatory actions for exterior fires extending into the dwelling?

The first hoseline is deployed to the fire location on the exterior of the structure to perform a quick knocked out of the fire and a sweeping fashion.

Once the first hoseline is in place and operating effectively, the second line should be deployed to the interior of the dwelling

Once the fire is not down on the exterior of the dwelling, the hoseline may be redeployed to the interior to assist the interior line or progress to the upper floors to attack any fire

The coordination of tactics and operations between the first engine and the special service units or additional engine companies must be completed before the special service units can enter the building


What are the two characteristics that make basement fires particularly challenging?

Limited access points

The potential exists to have immediate, unimpeded fire impingement on the structural support for the floor above


If they fire is known to be in the basement the officer must quickly determine what?

If a exterior access to the basement is present

And whether the basement is unfinished


On a basement fire the location of the initial Hanline may be positioned and what two locations?

To the rear exterior basement access to commence fire attack

To the front door to protect the interior stairs and upper floors


What is the preferred point of attack for the initial Hanline on a basement fire

From a exterior access point that leads directly into the basement


Crews should not operate above the basement fire without the protection of what?

The line that a stretch to the front door


Cruise that answer the front door on a basement fire must inshore what?

There is no fire under the floor and determine the floor stability before proceeding


Before going down interior basement steps to make a attack on a basement fire what needs to be in place?

A second Hanline must be in place and ready


During a garage fire what should be done with visible fire showing from the exterior?

Knockdown visible fire from the exterior and a coordinated interior attack


During a garage fire a quick assessment of extension into where is imperative?

The living area and the attic


During a garage fire if the initial attack line is deployed through the overhead door what needs to be checked?

The door leading to the living area


If the initial attack line on a garage fire is advanced to the overhead door what also needs to be in place to prevent extension?

Hey hoseline must also be advanced to the house to the garage door to prevent extension


During a garage fire if the decision was made to attack the fire from the interior what must be in place?

A second line should be advanced to back up the first or to proceed to the upper floors


During an attic fire what should be taken into consideration to assist containing the fire and slowing the lateral spread?

Early roof ventilation


What is usually the most effective fire attack for fires in the attic

Gaining access and placing it hoseline at the level of the fire into the attic


During a attic fire the interior officer should request a report from command officer for what?

Exterior observation as attack progresses