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Michael Stanhope

- Married to the Duke of Somersets sister
- Groom of the Stool and Chief Gentleman of the Privy Chamber under Edward VI
- Imprisoned and executed following Somersets fall from power


Duke of Somerset

- Originally Earl of Hertford, seized reign of government under Edward VI in 1547
- Reigned control with members of his own household governing along side
- Had an arrogant and dictatorial manner to to governing creating enemies, alongside his policy failures
- Surrendered to conspirators (Warwick and Southampton) after retreating with Edward to Windsor in October


Duke of Nothumberland

- Originally Earl of Warwick from 1547 and Lord Chamberlain
- Leader of the plot against Somerset and later a second coup that purged the council of conservatives (Southampton and Arundel)
- Ruled effectively under the Privy Council, but this was not able to protect against Somersets attempt at a counter coup
- Began to behave less conciliar and used the dry stamp
- Attempted to alter the line of succession by the Devyse to put Lady Jane Grey on the Throne


Earl of Warwick 1475-99

- Placed in the tower of London in 1485
- Edward IV's nephew with a claim to the throne
- Alleged to have plotted against Henry VII with Warbeck in 1499 and was beheaded


Sir William Stanley

- Henry VII's step uncle and proclaimed him king of the battlefield following his win
- Was rewarded with the post of Lord Chamberlain in Henry VII's rule
- Accused of treason after supporting the conspirators against Henry


Margaret of Burgunday

- Sister of Edward IV and Richard III
- Did not support the Tudor takeover
- Had funds to support ambitions of yorkist claims
- Supported Simnel claiming he was Earl of Warwick and paid for mercenaries to invade England


Viscount Lovell

- Led the first minor rising against Henry VII
- A key supporter of Richard III
- Tried to raise a rebellion in Yorkshire, but received little support due to after years of unrest
- He managed to escape the kings forces


Lambert Simnel

- Figure head of the Yorkist rebellion
- Posed as the Earl of Warwick and even crowned King Edward in Ireland


Humphrey Stafford

- A key supporter of Richard III and part of the first minor rising against Henry VII
- Attempted to raise forces against Henry in the midlands
- Captured and executed in 1486


John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln

- Helped to put together the Lambert Simnel hoax
- Once the hoax was proven false by Henry VII he fled to the Netherlands to Margaret of Burgundy's court with Lovell
- Killed at the battle of Stoke Field 1487


Perkin Warbeck

- Impersonated Richard, Duke of York in Ireland
- Originally from Tournai in Flanders
- Posed a serious threat as he attracted support of foreign rulers
- Attempted to land in England after the battle of Stoke, but fled to Scotland
- Had the support of Sir William Stanley
- Finally attempted to seek the English throne by the Cornish rebellion but failed and surrendered to Henry
- Sent to the tower , accused of Treason and executed with Warwick


Charles VIII

- King of France from 1483-1491
- Main concern was to assert his claim on the throne of Naples in the Italian peninsula


Margaret of Burgundy

Sister of Edward IV and Richard III
Widowed Duchess of Burgundy and owned much of her husbands estate