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developmental psychology

studies physical, emotional, cognitive, social changes that occur throughout life. specialists in this field study children , the elderly, and even the process of dying.


educational psychology

a psychologist who is concerned with helping students learn.


community psychology

a psychologist who may work in a mental health or social welfare agency.


industrial/organizational psychologist

a psychologist who uses psychological concepts to make a workplace a more satisfying environment for employees and managers.


environmental psychologists

work in business settings or within the government to study the effects of the environment on people. they may look at the effects of natural disasters, overcrowding, and pollution on the population in general as well as individuals and families.



study the effect of drugs or try to explain behaviour in terms of biological factors, such as electrical and chemical activities in the nervous system.


forensic psychologists

work in legal, court, and correctional systems. they assist police by developing personality profiles of criminal offenders or help law enforcement officers understand problems like abuse.


health psychologists

study the interaction between physical and psychological health factors. they may investigate how stress or depression leads physical ailments.


experimental psychologists

a psychologist who studies sensation, perception, learning, motivation, and emotion in carefully controlled laboratory conditions.



American psychological association


what does APA do??????

founded in 1892, is the scientific and professional society of psychologists and educators. it is the major psychology association in the USA and is the worlds largest association of psychologists. its made up of 53 divisions, each representing a speciific area, type of work r research setting, or activity. some are research oriented, while others are advocacy groups. together they are a cross section of the nature of psychology. the APA works to advance science and profession of psychology and to promote human welfare!


what are psychologists

a scientist who studies the mind and behaviour of humans and animals.



a branch of medicine that deals with mental, emotional, or behavioural disorders.


clinical psychologists

a psychologists who diagnoses and treats people with emotional disturbances.


counselling psychologists

a psychologist who usually deals with problems of living, they usually work in schools or industrial firms, helping people with everyday life problems