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what is conformity?

- change in beliefs or behaviours
- by an individual or small group
- to fit in with a majority group
- as a result of real or imagined pressure from majority group


what are examples of conformity?

- minor conformity
> people conforming to drink/drunk taking of peers
- major conformity
> society conforming to racist beliefs


what is compliance?

- shallow
- individual publicly conforms
- to attitudes and behaviour of majority group
- while privately disagreeing with them


what is an example of compliance?

- agreeing with friends that a film was good
- while secrelty not enjoying it


what is compliance associated with?

- seeking group approval and membership
- avoiding disapproval


is compliance temporary or permenant?

- usually temporary


what is identification?

- deeper
- individual publicly and privatley changes their attitudes and behaviour
- to conform to the group
- want to identify with and feel sense of membership with group


is identification temporary or permenant?

- temporary
- when leave group they revert to original attitudes and behaviours


what is an example of identification?

- joining the army and conforming to colleagues' beliefs/behaviours
- abandoning them when leave the army


what is internalisation?

- deepest
- permenant
- publicy and privately changes attitudes and behaviour
- to fit in with group
- because of belief that group's attitudes and behaviours are correct


what is an example of internalisation?

- becoming life-long vegetarian
- after sharing house with vegetarians at uni