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What is a short story?

A text which focuses primarily on atmosphere and often leaves unanswered questions. it is only a few thousand words long with limited characters.


What is a novella?

A novella is a medium sized story with one plot line. It may or may not be split into chapters. An example is Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'.


What is a novel?

A novel is a modern text with multiple plot points, well developed characters and a finished conclusion. They are often split into chapters and include 'Lord of the Flies'.


What are the 3 types of fiction text?

Prose, poetry and drama.


What is a genre?

A certain category; for example, within fiction you can have science fiction or Bildungsroman (which shows the psychological, moral and intellectual development of characters - the 'Harry Potter' series is an example of a Bildungsroman text).


What are 2 defining features of fiction texts?

Use of literary devices such as metaphor or similes and use of the imagination / creativity.