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when was Tyrone's rebellion



why did Tyrone begin a rebellion

Earl of Tyrone saw the problems in Ireland as a way for him to become the Irish leader and lead them from breaking away from English control


what was the political cause of rebellion

the placement of English settlers in Ireland led to unrest


what was the Munster plantation

as a result of earlier Irish rebellions, Elizabeth confiscated land from the Irish clans and gave the land to the English


in total how much land was taken in the Munster plantation

500,000 acres


what was the religious cause of Tyrone's rebellion

elizabeth was aiming to uphold Protestantism within Ireland and so the English settlers brought with them the establishment of Protestant churches in Ireland


why can timing be argued to have been a cause of Tyrone's rebellion

in the 1590s Elizabeth was at war with Spain as well as English economy being low - it was a good time to spark rebellion as the English forces were weak