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What is the world wide web?

It is made up of webpages structured into websites. System of interlinked hypertext documents which are accessed via internet using browsers.


What are some features of pages on the world wide web?

Written using HTML, viewed with web browser, contain hypertext, sound, video, animation, graphics + simple text, use HTTP to send pages across the internet.


What does hypertext do?

Provides user with clickable links to other pages on the web.


What is HTTP?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Application level protocol. Client machine sends request message to server + server responds with response message.


What does the URL of webpages usually begin with + what does this indicate?

http://. Page uses HTTP.


What is the internet?

A global network of computers, using interconnected networks using communication protocols, each communicating with several others in network but not all. World wide communication system linking computers in geographically separate locations through variety of telecommunications links. Network of interconnected computer systems (WAN + LAN). Supports public access to email + websites.


What telecommunications links does the internet use?

Telephone lines + satellites.


What is a URL?

Uniform Resource Locator. Short string representing hyperlink target. Specifies which server, access method + location in server. Unique. Identifies every resource on internet.


Break down this URL into protocol, address + path:

http:// = protocol
www.wallacehigh.org = address
documents-policies/ = path


What is an IP address?

Internet protocol address. Represents standard set of rules to ensure proper data transfer between computers on internet. Define how data is structured + what control signals used. Unique number to identify a device on a network. Part of it identifies the device + part identifies the network.


What does every device linked to a network using TCP/IP protocol have?

A unique IP address.


What does an IP address allow?

Messages + data to be routed to correct address on network. Allows device to be located on network.


How many bits does the IPv5 have?
How many will the IPv6 have?



What is a static IP address?

A permanent IP address that doesn't change.


What is a dynamic IP address?

Temporary addresses which are assigned each time a computer accesses the internet.


What are the 2 types of IP addresses?

Static + dynamic.


How do computers identify websites?

By their IP addresses. They translate URLs into IP addresses + locate on web server.


What is a web browser?

Application on user's computer which is responsible for requesting text + graphics of webpages from servers on internet + assembling for display.


Give a few of the most common browsers?

Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome + Opera.


What do web browsers allow users to do?

Save URLs of pages they intend to visit often (bookmark/favourite). All try to display webpage as designer intended.


What is a web server?

Computer designed to deliver internet webpages across internet/intranet. Processes requests for info coming from internet infrastructure. Contains application software to enable content transmission + uses client-server technology.


Client-server technology:

Program that accesses application (browser)
Program that provides application.


What is web hosting for?

Provides people with access to web server + web space to store website. Ensures website is available online.


What does a web host company provide?

Web space to store website, customer support, email + interface for managing website.


What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol. Protocol used to transfer files across internet. Delivers files to web server where they're stored. Needs usernames + passwords to access file directory.


What is an ISP?

Internet Service Provider. Organisation providing users with link/pop to internet. Direct links to internet + accepts transmission from users, passing them onto internet.


What is POP?

Point of presence


What does an ISP do?

Sells internet access to people + provides access to web servers which connect to search engines.


What might an ISP provide a user?

Variety of bandwidth options, email, security (antivirus/antihacking + spyware + identity theft protection), web hosting service, support, website filtering + phone/TV package.


What is a search engine?

Web based tool which searches for info using keywords. Returns results as website links.