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MMT Scale

  • 5: Full ROM AG - Maximal resistance
  • 4+: Full ROM AG - mod-max resistance
  • 4: Full ROM AG - moderate resistance
  • 4-: Full ROM AG - minimal resistance
  • 3+: Full ROM AG - slight resistance
  • 3: Full ROM AG - no resistance
  • 3-: >1/2 ROM AG - no resistance
  • 2+: Full ROM - Gravity eliminated - some resistance, <1/2 ROM AG no resistance
  • 2: Full ROM - Gravity eliminated - no resistance
  • 2-: >1/2 ROM - No gravity
  • 1+: <1/2 ROM - Gravity eliminated
  • 1: Palpable contraction, no movement - Gravity eliminated


Scapular MMT: Elevation

Primary mover: Upper Traps
Nerve/Nerve location: CN#11 / C3-C4
Position: Sitting/shrug
GE Position: Supine or prone
Substitutions: Pushing down with hands on thighs (using triceps)


Scapular MMT: Abduction/Upward rotation

Primary mover: Serratus Anterior
Nerve/Nerve location: Long thoracic / C5-C7
Position: Protract with arm
GE Position: Hold arm in sitting
Substitutions: Trunk rotation


palpate inferior angle of scapula on medial side also ribs

arm elevated to ~135 degrees

limitation: weak shoulder muscles


Scapular MMT: Adduction

Primary mover: Middle traps
Nerve/Nerve location: CN#11 / C3-C4
Position: Prone, pinch shoulder blade back
GE Position: Sitting with arm at 90° on table
Substitutions: Trunk rotation, arm drops down (rhomboids)

palpation: b/w upper thoracic vertebrae & superior lip of spine of scapula

shorter vs longer lever


Scapular MMT: Adduction and Depression

Primary mover: Lower traps
Nerve/Nerve location: CN#11 / C3-C4
Position: Prone, arm at ~ 145°, palpate T7-T12, patient lifts arm
GE Position: support weight of arm
Substitutions: Trunk rotation, extension, using middle traps


Scapular MMT: Adduction and Downward Rotation

Primary mover: Rhomboids
Nerve/Nerve location: Dorsal scapular / C5
Position: Prone, handcuff pose and pull hand away. Palpate medial border
GE Position: Sitting
Substitutions: GH joint, trunk rotation

push into upward rotation and abduction to test on humerus, if weaker pt do resistance on scapula