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Which of the following is not a tested form of effective treatment for someone with a mental illness?

eating gluten-free foods


Which of the following is not a warning sign of suicide?

experiencing sadness after loss of a loved one


Which of the following is most indicative of a manic phase of bipolar disorder?

Lilly can only sleep a few hours each night because she’s so full of energy all the time.


Determine whether the following words are associated with high or low self-esteem.

1. goal-oriented

2. pessimistic

3. resilient

4. gives into peer pressure

1. Low

2. High

3. Low

4. High


Which of the following are examples of negative coping strategies or defence mechanisms? Select all that apply.

Greg plays video games for several hours at a time because he doesn’t want to start working on his college applications, which are due the next week.

Michael has started arguing with his parents a lot because he’s upset about being bullied at school.

After long days at school, Savannah goes home and plays the piano for a while before starting on her homework.

Anna spends most of her free time editing and posting pictures on Instagram instead of doing her homework because she feels she’s better at photography than at schoolwork.

Lizzie likes to write in her journal before bed each night to vent about frustrations she had throughout the day.





Mark whether the following is a healthy or unhealthy way to deal with stress.

1. creating a humour file

2. acting childish to get your way

3. writing in a journal

1. healthy

2. unhealthy

3. healthy


Which of the following statements is not true about mental illnesses?

Mental illnesses are not very common.


Kate is dealing with a lot of stress in her life and begins to experience the three stages of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS). These stages are ________.

alarm, resistance, exhaustion


Self-esteem is best described as _________.

the level of confidence, value, and respect you have for yourself


Which of the following statements is true about suicide?

By recognizing warning signs and telling a trusted adult, you can save a life.


Match the following negative coping strategies with their corresponding term.

1. suppression a. taking your anger out on
someone that has nothing to
do with the problem

2. displacement b. reverting to immature

3. regression c. aware of feelings, but try to
hide them

1. c

2. a

3. b