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What does 'being religious' mean?

It means that a person believes in someone or something greater than themselves. This greater power is usually called 'God'.

People's ideas about God have a great influence over the way they lead their lives.


Name 6 of the biggest religions and their followers.

Christianity - a Christian Judaism - a Jew
Islam - a Muslim Sikhism - a Sikh
Hinduism - a Hindu Buddhism - a Buddhist HYPER SILLY BEARS JUGGLE IMAGINARY COCONUTS


What is 'faith'?

Faith means trusting in those things you cannot understand. Whether or not God exists is largely a matter of faith.


What are the 4 arguments to try to convince people that God exists?

1) The cosmological argument
2) The 'design' argument
3) The religious experience argument
4) The moral argument.


Explain the 'cosmological argument'

The universe, this planet and humans exist, but they could not have brought themselves into existence. They require someone greater than them.


Explain the 'design argument'

William Paley, philosopher, compared the world to a complicated machinery, a watch. A watch doesn't come into existence after an explosion at the watch factory. It is made by a highly skilled craftsman. Therefore, the world, infinitely more complicated, must have been made by a superior craftsman - God.


Explain the 'religious argument'

Most religious people claim to have 'experienced' God, have come to know him in some way. Therefore he must exist.


Explain the 'moral argument'

We would not know what's right and what's wrong if God hadn't told us. God revealed the truth to us.


What do the Muslims call their God?



What do the Sikhs call their God?

In Sikhism God is called Nam.


What is the God in Hinduism called?

In Hinduism the God is called Brahman. Although there is only one God, He can take many forms.


What do Christians call their God?

Heavenly Father


What do the Jews call their God?

Jews believe that the name of God is too holy to speak or write.


What do Buddhists call their God?

Buddhism is a very different religion from the others. Buddhists have no God.