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Describe the Medical Supply (consumable)classification -

Med items that lose their identity when used and cannot be reused for their original purpose
Examples: Drugs, adhesive tape, and X-Ray film.


Describe the Medical Supply (durable) classification -

Med items that maintain their identity when used, and may be reused for original purpose.
Examples: forceps, lab glassware, stethoscopes


Describe the Nonmedical Materiel classification -

This material consists of 2 major cats: supplies & equipment.
Nonmedical materiel used by AF MTFs consists primarily of office, janitorial supplies and equipment.


Describe the Maintenance significant supply item classification -

Less than $3k requires some type of minor maintenance or inspection


Describe the Medical Expense Equipment classification -

-Unit cost: @ least $3k -- less than $250k
- @ least 5 years and maintains its identity during use
- also included are items under $3k that require additional local control as designated by the medical logistics flight CC


What does the base Medical Equipment Management Office (MEMO) provide you with upon assuming charge of custodial responsibilities?

Custody receipt/Locator listing


What must be accomplished before new custodian signs the listing?

New and losing custodian must perform a through inventory ; also obtain MER verification that required maintenance/calibration has been completed; also check for serviceability.


What happens after a Property Custodian is relieved from duty, separated from service, or absent for more than 45 days?

MEMO takes action to transfer the property or have it assigned to an authorized successor.


Explain Report of Survey-

This report is initiated when property is lost, damaged, or destroyed by an individual or an Org.. the Org that has possession of the property will initiate this report.


What AFI helps you to maintain control and manage the property in your section?

AFI 23-111, Management of Government Property in Possession of the Air Force


When do you prepare an AF Form 601?

when any change is required in equipment assets under your control


What do you need to do when you need to replace an old piece of equipment? what information must be added?

Initiate a Form 601 when the requirement is identified ; Add a description of the change required and a complete justification.


Who approves relocation of equipment between custodians?



To transfer equipment, the custodian losing the item completes...

AF Form 601 stating "Relocation of Property" in the justification block and along w/ transfer to/from info.


How often should the equipment be checked?

Generally, the equipment should be checked on a daily basis by a staff member.


What needs to be initiated when an equipment repair is identified during inspection?

Fill out AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt and turn it into the Biomed Equipment Repair Office


What is the importance of AFI 90-821, Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program?

Establishes min requirements for an effective hazard comm program for those activities that handle or use hazardous material. it contains requirements for practices/procedures, assigns responsibilities, and provides guidance for managing the AFHCP.


What is the purpose of Air Force Hazard Comm. Program (AFHCP) ?

To reduce the incidence of chemically induced occupational illnesses and injuries by informing employees of the hazards associated with, and proper preventive measures to be taking when using or handling hazardous materials in the workplace. Applies to civilian and military employees.


What is an SDS and what does it contain?

An SDS is a Safety Data Sheet ; formerly known as the MSDS.
The SDS is provided by the manufacturer and contains: Product info, specific chemicals, physical hazard, flammable, health hazard information, reactivity data, spills and leaks, special precautions & special protection recommendations.


What information is needed on a label (in regards to the SDS)?

- ID of hazardous material
- Appropriate hazard warnings
- Name, address, & phone number of the manufacturer, importer, or other responsible party.


What is the Custody receipt/Locator listing?

It indicates each specific item for which the custodian is responsible. Quantity and dollar value of assets on hand are shown in stock number sequence.


What is the Custodial Action List?

An interim listing used to update the custody receipt/locator listing. The list is initiated every time Med Logistics processes a change action affecting the custodian's account.


How many days does it usually take MEMO to respond with a Custodial Action list once a Form 601 is submitted?

Within 5 days.


The Log Back Order Report is...

produced at the end of each month showing customers who have supplies due out (owed) to their activity


How long does the Property Custodian have to return the Log Back Order Report with updated info to Med Logistics?

7th calendar day


What is the Issue Turn-in Summary Report?

It is a report produced for each activity supported by DMLSS that had issue action during the month.
It contains all the issues, reversals, and turn-ins for your using activity


What are the four sections of the Issue Turn-in Summary Report?

Sec A: Issues
Sec B: Issue Reversal
Sec C: Turn-in
Sec D: Turn-in Reversal