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In what poem does crane show the futility of mans pursuit of happiness?

"I saw a man pursuing the horizon"


What causes God to lose control of His creation in "God Fashioned the ship of the World Carefully"?

He was distracted by a "wrong"


Jack potter is scratchy Wilsons ancient antagonist in what way?

Jack and scratchy have met every time Scratchy comes into town drunk, and jacks job as Marshall has been to get scratchy off the streets


What is jack London's most famous tale?

The call of the wild


Norris's works stress the importance of what forces in shaping ones life?

Social and economic forces


What more important naturalist than himself did Norris discover?

Theodore Dreiser


The octopus is part of Norris's proposed trilogy dealing with what subject?



In the Octopus, what people are trapped in Chapters 2 and 9, what traps them,and is it a figurative or literal trap?

In chapter 2, Dyke figuratively is trapped by the railroad bc he loses he profit that he was going to get; in chapter 9, Behram is trapped literally by the wheat


How does dykes own self-interest influence his plans for the next year?

Dyke plans to let the foreman go after he has taught dyke how to grow the hops successfully


How is the death of S. Behram an example of poetic justice?

Behram gets his punishment for his ruthlessness by being buried in the wheat


What sordid selection of Manhattan provided the setting for several of cranes early works?

The Bowery