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Corporate bond yield.

Municipal bond yield/ (100%- tax bracket)= equivalent taxable yield

Municipal yield divided by the compliment of the investors tax bracket


Computing alpha

(Total portfolio return- risk free rate) - (portfolio beta x [market return- risk free rate])


Internal rate of return

-The discount rate at which the net present value of an investment is equal to zero
- helps compute long term returns that take into consideration the time value of money


Net present Value

Difference between an investments present value and it's cost.

Positive NPV is good investment
Negative NPV bad investment

Considered more important then IRR


Present value

- term for value today of the future cash flows of an investment.
PV= FV / (1+ r)^n


Rule of 72

Shortcut for determining the number of years it takes for an investment to double.

72/ interest rate the investment pays.


Bond after tax rate of return

Coupon multiplied by 100-tax bracket percentage.

Ex: 28% tax bracket, 8% coupon

(100-28)= 72
.72 * .8 = after tax rate of return


Block trade

10,000 shares traded at once or more


Annual report

Document that gives current and planned operations of a company


Tax equivalent yield

Divide bonds coupon rate by (1-tax bracket)

Tax rate 20%, coupon 4%

(1-20%)/ 4%


Internal rate of return

Discount rate that makes the future value of an investment equal to its present value.

Method of computing long term returns that takes into consideration the TIME VALUE of money.

The yield to maturity of a bond reflects its IRR


Form 8-k

Reports newsworthy events to be SEC.

- control of company changes
- significant amount of assets are disposed
- board member resigns