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Why didn't the Spanish & Portuguese continue using Native Americans as slaves?

They couldn't tolerate disease and the constant labor


Who was used as slaves after the Native Americans?

Slaves from Africa


By what date did every colony in the Americas have slaves?



Why did plantation owners think that African slaves were ideal workers?

1. They were far from home so they couldn't run away.
2. Plantation owners could enslave the slaves' children
3. Many of the slaves had been farmers, so they had experience
4. Immunity to disease that killed Native Americans


What is the Triangular Trade?

The Triangular Trade, a trade route with three stops: Africa, the West Indies, and the Americas


What was the Middle Passage?

The middle leg of the triangular trade, when ships left Africa with a cargo of slaves, was the Middle Passage.


Who was Olaudah Equiano?

Slave brought to VA from Africa in the 1700's as a child. Later he bought his freedom, wrote an autobiography telling the horrors of slavery. This helped end slavery in Eng.