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checking hearing aids

use a hearing aid stethoscope
connects to their aid
think about what their loss is to understand what the aid should sound like
-missing the uppers- should sound like treble


using an otoscope

3/4 and younger use a peds tip
use adult for older


hearing aid

picks up sound (acoustic energy) with a microphone
transduced to mechanical energy to electrical to acoustic again
-an amplifier

A small electronic device that is worn in or behind the ear
It magnifies sound vibrations entering the ear making sounds louder and clearer for the user


digital vs. analog

analog is manually adjusted
digital is changed on a computer
digital is much clearer


types of hearing aids

behind the ear
in the ear
in the canal aids
completely in the cancel aids
implantable aids


behind the ear

ear mold and tube- putting as little in the ear canal as possible
traditional- power
-connected to an ear mold
-the bigger it is the more power it has
thin tube
-electronics in the hearing aid, just a tube in the ear
Receiver in the canal (RIC)
receiver, speaker in the tube

- Located behind the ear
- Has a hook that attaches to the earmold
Who? Can be fit to any motivated HI person
Has a lot of flexibility with features
Greater gain & MPO than smaller hearing aids
Telecoil is stronger than with smaller hearing aids
Only the earmolds need to be replaced as ears grow and change size/shape
--can use a loaner with their ear mold if it needs worked on
DAI is available (important for students)
Suitable for ears with medical problems
Possible Issues/Disadvantages:
More conspicuous than smaller aids
May fall off during work or recreation
May seem more difficult to insert, remove, and adjust volume control than a smaller hearing aid


In the ear (ITE)

fills up the entire apichure of the ear
custom fit to the person


kids generally have behind the ear. Why?

in the ear is a custom made aid, it would be hard to get that for a child because they are growing
a non fitting mold causes sound quality changing, whistling (feedback)


in the canal

provides a better look, but less flexibility to change the sound


mic and helix

the mic is in a tub that rests in the helix of the pinna so that the mic faces forward



when the mic is picking up the amplified sound the system is emitting