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What are 4 features of T-Bills?

1. T-bills are always issued and traded at a discount
2. They are the only Treasury security issued without a stated interest rate
3. They are highly liquid
4. 13-week (also referred to as 90-day) T-bills are used as the benchmark "risk free" investment


What is a Eurodollar bond?

A US dollar-denominated eurobond


What is a eurobond?

Any long-term debt instrument issued and sold outside the country of the currency in which it is denominated.


What are the 3 types of companies listed in the Investment Company Act of 1940?

- Face-amount certificate companies
- Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
- Management Investment Companies (mutual funds)


What are the features of Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)?

- Not active managed
- No Board of Directors
- Shares must be redeemed by the trust
- Defined as investment companies under the Investment Company Act of 1940


What are leading indicators?

- Money supply
- Building permits (housing starts)
- Average weekly initial claims for unemployment
- Average weekly hours, manufacturing
- Manufacturer's new orders for consumer goods
- Manufacturer's new orders for non defense capital goods
- Index of supplier deliveries
- Interest rate spread between 10-year T-bond and fed funds rate
- Stock prices
- Index of consumer expectations


What are coincident or current indicators?

- nonagricultural employment
- Personal income
- Industrial production
- Manufacturing and trade sales


What are lagging indicators?

- Average duration of unemployment
- Ratio of consumer installment credit to personal income
- Ratio of manufacturing and trade inventories to sales
- Average prime rate
- Change in CPI for services
- Total amount of commercial and industrial loans outstanding
- Change in the index of labor cost per unit of manufacturing


What is the formula for working capital?

Current assets - current liabilities


What is the formula for the current ratio?

Current assets / current liabilities


What is the formula for the quick asset ratio (Acid Test Ratio)?

(current assets - inventory) / current liabilities


What is the formula for book value per share?

(Tangible assets - liabilities - par value of preferred) / (# shares common stock)


What is the Prime rate?

The rate that banks charge their stronger borrowers


What is the Federal Funds rate?

The rate at which banks borrow from each other


What is the Call Loan rate?

The rate rate that broker-dealers pay on stock market collateral pledged for margin accounts


What is the Discount Rate?

The rate at which a bank borrows from the Federal Reserve


When registering a security under the Uniform Securities Act, name 3 things the registrant must indicate:

1. All the other states in which the security is to be registered
2. The amount of securities to be offered in the state
3. Any adverse rulings by a court, regulatory authority, or SEC with respect to the offering


The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 requires that investment advisers make certain disclosures to their customers through the delivery of the adviser's brochure. However, there are 2 instances where the Act grants an exemption. These are if the client is:

1. an investment company
2. a person receiving impersonal advice for which the annual fee is less than $500