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What are the key aspects of best practice?

Being non-judgemental
Respecting the views, choices and decisions of service users
Ant-discriminatory practice
Valuing diversity
Using effective communication
Following agreed ways of working
Training and professional development for staff
Mentoring, monitoring and performance management
Staff meeting s


What does non-judgemental mean?

Respecting a person's feelings, experiences and values even though they may be different to yours


What is professional development?

The process of improving and increasing the skills and capabilities of staff


What is mentoring?

Taking a new member of staff under your wing. Showing them how the job should be done


What is monitoring?

Measuring and checking the progress or quality of something over time


What is performance management?

An ongoing process between worker and their supervisor involving meetings and observations. Feedback will be given and areas of strength and development needs will be highlighted


Give examples of discriminatory practice

Inadequate care
Abuse and neglect
Breach of health and safety
Treating everyone the same
Patronising language/behaviour


What are the 3 ways of challenging discrimination?

Challenge at the time
Challenge afterwards through procedures
Challenge afterwards through long term campaigns


What is whistleblowing?

Raising concerns with a more senior member of staff. In extreme circumstances, this could be to Ofsted, CQC or police.


How should conflict be dealt with?

Active listening
Remain calm
Be objective
Be empathetic
See both sides of the argument


What should the service users and staff be provided with in order to take action about poor treatment?

Information about complaints procedures