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Describe the Statemnt of Financial Position

Personal Balance Sheet. Provides a snapshot of the clients net worth on any given date, usually at the end of the calendar year. December 31st


Net Worth Formula

Assets - Liabilities = Net Worth or Assets = liabilites + net worth


Key area's of the Statement of Financial Position

-Assets are always presented at fair market value. Liabilities are always presented at there principal value without regard to any interest obligation

-The Net Worth of the client at any point in time is listed. The goal of the financial planner is to increase the clients net worth on annual basis.

-The respective titling of assets and liabilites shown on a propely prepared statement; this information is important to the planner and estate planning attorney.

-The footnotes shown at the bottom the statement of financial position are critical to the planner to understand the clients current financial status.

***The footnotes are important in the case questions for the CFP.


Statement of financial positions 3 distinct categories

1. Total Assets (what the client owns)

2. Total liabilities (what the client owes)

3. Net Worth (what the client is worh after all the liabilites are paid in full)


Total Asset categories

-Cash or Cash equivalnets


-Pesonal use Assets


Cash and Equivalents

Current short term in nature (a maturity of one year or less and commonly invested in Money Market)


Personal Use Assets

One that is owned by a client for lifestyle reasons and use, not for investment. Common example would be a home or primary residence


Total Liability Categories

Current (Short Term) i.e, those due within one year of the statement date or Long Term i.e. those due after one year of statement date such as a mortgage.


Long term liabiliry need to know

With respect to long term liabilities, the amount placed on the statement of financial position is not the original amount of the mortgage but the current unpaid balance as of the date of the statement.


Common Abbreviations for property ownership and titling on the SFP

H-individual ownership of Husband

W-Individual Ownership of Wife

JT-property that is held jointly with rights of survivorship

CP-Community property of the husband and wife


What is the persoal statement of cash flows?

Summarizes the items of income (including salary/or wages) that were actually received (cash Inflows) and the expenditures actually made (cash outflows) during a specific period. Reflects the clients financial activity OVER A PERIOD OF TIME


Savings level formula

Inflows - Outfolows (fixed, variable, and taxes) = savings level


List the 3 components of the cash flow statement

1. Cash Inflows

2. Cash Outflows

3. Cash surpuls (savings level or discretionary income) or Cash Deficit


Fixed outflows

Mortgage payments Auto note payment Insurance premiums Property taxes


Variable outflows

Food Expenses Clothing expenses Utilitites expenses Travel and entertainment expenses


Relationship between the Statement of financial position and the personal statement of cash flows

A clients cash flow statement may show how the clients financial position changed between two statement of financial position dates


Cash Transaction consequences

Reduce cash amount of statement of financial position, one of three consequences occur.

1. Assets are increased (statement of financial position consequence)

2. Liabilities are decreased (statement of financial position consequence)

3. Cash outflows are increased (cash flow statement consequence)


What is the business equivalent to the Statement of Financial Position?

The Balance Sheet.  One big difference is that "net worth" on a companies blanace sheet is referred to as retianed capital.


What is the business equivalent to the personal statement of cash flows?

The Income Statement.  Also knows as the profit and loss statement.  Shows you how profitable or un profitable a business what over the stated period.  


What is a pro forma income statement?

It is similar to a business income statement except that it projects for the future rather than reports the past.  These documents are prepared to help the business owner so they can make operational changes ahead of time if needed.


What is a business statement of cash flows?

This assists in the reconciliation of reconciliation between two balance sheets.  

Three Main components

1.  Cash flow from business operations

2.  Cash flow from business activities

3.  Cash flow from finiancing activiites of the business such as issuance of additional debt (bonds) or equity (stocks)