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What is encoding?

Producing language, production of a message.


What is decoding?

The mental way we understand and decode language. Requires understanding of language and topic, genre and context.


What is the definition of Bottom up vs Top down?

BU: Take the words that you see or hear and use that information to build up meaning.

TD: Draw upon your knowledge of our idea of the world to make sense.


What is the definition of Garden Path? Give an example.

Interpreting something one way, realise you were wrong, interpret another way.

Example: “the old man the boat”


Name some speech errors and what they mean:

Exchange: 2 elements swap positions
Anticipation: Sound from later is used earlier.
Preservation: A sound from earlier is used later.
Substitution: Substituting a different word, either phonological or semantic
Blending: Blend 2 words to make a nonsense word.
Metathesis: 2 sounds swap positions.