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I RT, rate, and a celeration all share which fundamental properties?

Repeatability and temper locus


If the rate is 360 per hour what is the best estimate of IRT

10 seconds


If the rate is 180 for our what is the best estimate of IRT?

10 seconds


Recording the number of consecutive opportunities to respond required to cheat a performance standard. What type of measure does this represent

Trials to criterion


Recording weather (+) or not minus (-) Jay brushed his teeth after meals. Then dividing the number of times he brushed by the number of meals and multiplied by 100. What type of measure does this represent?

Percent occurrence


After incident of property destruction assigning an A if damage less than $20; B if damage between $20 and $50 and let her see if damage greater than $50. What type of measure does this represent

Discrete categorization


Recording the number of practice she is a student completes before solving 20 division problems correctly in five minutes or less. What type of measure does this represent

Trials to criterion


When event a recording of a restricted operant is converted into a percent. What type of measure does this represent?

Percent occurrence


Which of the following is the best indirect measurement method for independent use of leisure materials?

Whole interval recording


Which of the following is the best indirect measurement a method for screaming that occurs in short bursts

Partial interval recording


IOA functions as a check of the_____, While IV integrity functions as a check on the____

Behavior of interest; intervention


Calculate interval – by interval IOA



Calculate score of interval IOA



Calculate_interval IOA



What are some factors that may affect data collection:

Observer expectations
Complexity of data collection system
Competing activities e.g. other responsibilities


I take more accurate data of a cats rate and duration of meowing when Kaitlyn, cat expert a behavior analyst, is watching me. The term for this phenomenon is



Which of the following is an important characteristic of a response definition:

Organized, opulent, complete, A wnenC but not B


Others include, clear, complete, objective


Jean observed Ella from 2 PM to 5 PM. During that time Jean saw Ella destroy learning materials nine times. What was the rate of Ellas material Distraction?

Three per hour


For which of the following responses what event recording be the most suitable?

Watching television with others

Tantrums that occur for at least five minutes every time

Instances of hand to head self injury

Screaming that varies in length from two seconds to 25 minutes

Instances of hand to head self injury


Is it impossible to use event recording on a restricted operant e.g. math questions answered correctly?

True or false

False but it is generally not recommended


I observe Doggo the bulldog from 2 PM until 3 PM. During this time Doggo barks 10 times Per hour. What is the estimated Inter response time?

6 minutes – 60 minutes/10 responses


Lana wants to determine archers proficiency with Russian. She holds up flashcards of objects three times and records the percent of the three he names correctly in Russian. What is a possible issue here?

Too few opportunities to respond

Cannot use percent correct with flashcards

Too many opportunities to respond

She should only be using dimensional measures

Too few opportunities to respond


Typically we will use partial interval recording for deceleration target because PIR tends to________Most behavior.

Overestimate – for behavior that occurs at very high rates PIR may underestimate


Which of the following is true regarding whole interval recording?

Typically use for behavior that occurs for long periods of time

Underestimates actual target behavior

Both of these

Both of these


Typically used to group contingencies.
E.g., percent of kids engaging in appropriate peer play every 10 seconds.



IOA- inter-observer agreement

Consistency of measurement is also called…......


How is reliability measured? Interobserver agreement i.e., agreement between two or more observers.

Primary methods:
Total count (continuous/direct)
Percent agreement (discontinuous/indirect)


Which of the following is a good clinical reason to take iOS 8 data?

Poor IOA may indicate observer drift

Validate data collection methods

Increase his confidence in the internal validity of our intervention

Assist with training new data collectors

All of these

All of these


While IOA assess his reliability of our dependent variable, l IV integrity assesses the fidelity of our independent variable

E.g., are interventions of being carried out as written?

Other terms?
Treatment integrity or procedural Fidelity

IV integrity – several terms, one meaning


A ________ is a characteristic of a phenomenon and________. Are there quantifiable aspects of it

Foundational roperty; dimensional quantities

Dimensional quantity: foundational properties

Functional property; Inter dimensional quality

Foundational property; dimensional quantities