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Which linens do you change every day?

Pillow case


Protocols for Bedmaking

1. Hold linens away from body
2. Have linen cart nearby
3. Bed proper working height
4. Minimum # linens, no wrinkles
5. Work in pairs


Which types of pt's need repositioning

Frail vulnerable pt's


How often to reposition

EVERY 2 hours day & night


Benefits of repositioning

Promote lung expansion
decrese Decubitus ulcers
pressure injuries


Which of the following is the most significant hazard of restricted mobility?
a. Foot drop
b. Tachycardia
c. Deep vein thrombosis
d. Orthostatic hypotension

c. Deep vein thrombosis


When a patient is immobilized, which of the following positions is preferred to prevent skin breakdown?
A. Semi-Fowler’s
B. Side-lying with knees flexed
C. Prone with upper extremities flexed
D.Supine with lower extremities extended

A. Semi-Fowler’s