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State the range of the pH scale

0 to 14


Write the word equation for a neutralisation reaction between an acid and an alkali

Acid + alkali = salt + water


Explain why a burette is useful for identifying the Endpoint of a titration

A burette allows an acid to be added drop by drop which helps determine the Endpoint more accurately


Why should titration results be repeat

To achieve several consistent readings. The mean of these readings is then more accurate


Describe the difference in pH between a strong acid and a weak acid

The stronger acid would have a lower pH because it is stronger, so the concentration of H+ ions would be greater


What does increasing the concentration of a solution by a factor of 10 do to the pH

Decrease it by 1


What is the word equation for the reaction of a metal and water

Metal + water = metal hydroxide + hydrogen


Why does sodium react more vigorously with water than calcium

It forms positive ions more easily/ it is higher in the reactivity series


Why are most metals found in the earth as compounds

Many elements react with oxygen to form compounds


What is an electrolyte

A solution that can conduct electricity


Why is electrolysis not the usual method of extracting iron

Iron can be extracted by reduction with carbon which is less expensive than electrolysis