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What is the source of energy for photosynthesis

The sun


Name the substance that strengthens cell walls



What is meant by an endothermic reaction

Energy is transferred from the environment


A lack of magnesium can cause chloroplasts to not make enough chlorophyll. Explain what effect this would have on the rate of photosynthesis

It was decreased, because the chloroplast wouldn't be able to absorb as much light


Suggest two ways that a farmer could improve the conditions for photosynthesis in a greenhouse. Explain these two ways.

Add a heater to increase the temperature which in turn increases photosynthesis rate
Add a paraffin heater to increase CO2 concentration which in turn increases photosynthesis rate


Using greenhouses can be costly. Explain why it sometimes beneficial to do this

Because the farm or get a better yield so they will make more profit


Give three examples of how our body uses energy transferred by respiration

Keeping warm
Allowing muscles to contract
To build up larger molecules from smaller ones


Some metabolic reactions involve using glucose molecules to make other molecules. Name a molecule made from glucose in plants, and a molecule made from glucose in animals



Describe the components of the lipid molecule

One molecule of glycerol and three fatty acids


Briefly describe how protein molecules are formed

Glucose is combined with nitrate ions to make amino acids which are then made into proteins


What is excess protein broken down to produce



Why do you use a controlled variable in the Snail and glass beads experiment

To show that it's the Snail producing carbon dioxide and not something else in the Beaker


What's the word equation for fermentation

Glucose = ethanol + carbon dioxide


Compare aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration in muscle cells

Aerobic respiration in muscle cells uses oxygen, whereas anaerobic respiration doesn't. Aerobic respiration in muscle cells formed carbon that water, whereas anaerobic respiration forms lactic acid. Aerobic respiration in muscle cells transferred a lot of energy, whereas anaerobic respiration in muscle cells transfer to small amount of energy


What could the student have measured to show the effects of exercise

Breath volume
Heart rate
Breaths per minute


What physical effects does a long period of exercise have on muscles

It causes them to fatigue and stop contracting efficiently