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What is a population

All of the organisms of one species in a habitat


What is a community

All if the different populations of species in a habitat


What is habitat

A place where an organism lives


What is an ecosystem

A mix of different communities and habitats and how they interact based on biotic and abiotic factors


What is an ecological niche

The organisms role within an ecosystem and its interaction with abiotic and biotic factors


What does a survival curve show

The percentage of the population still alive at each age


How do you calculate the life expectancy from a survival curve

Measure the age at which fifty percentage of the individuals are alive


What is a demographic transition model

Graph to represent how countries change with development


What does a population pyramid with a wide base and a narrow top show

A developing country
High birth rate
Increasing population
Young population


What does a population pyramid with a narrow base and a wide middle show

Developed country
Low birth rate
Decreasing population
Old population


What's the structure of ATP

1 adenosine
3 phosphate
Ribose sugar


Where does ATP carry energy

In its bonds


What 3 ways can ATP be formed

Photo Phosphorylation, light dependent stage of photosynthesis
Substrate level phosphorylation, kerbs cycle and glycolysis
Oxidative Photophosphorylation, electron transport chain


What makes ATP from a good source of energy

Immediate, only need to break one weak bond
Manageable, releases small amount of energy so none is wasted


Give 4 uses of ATP from respiration in organisms

Active transport
Protein synthesis
Maintenance of body temperature
DNA replication


What is photosynthesis

Using light energy to make glucose
Occurs in plants to use the glucose in respiration


Give 3 adaptations of plants for photosynthesis

Leaf near top of plant, closer to light
Leaf is thin and wide, large sa and short dp
Palisade cell has many chloroplasts, the site of photosynthesis


How to measure the rate of photosynthesis in two ways

Measure amount of co2 used
Or measure amount of O2 produced using photosynthometer


How does a photosynthometer work and calculate the rate of photosynthesis

Surround plant in sodium hydrocarbon ate solution
Collect O2 in capillary tube
Convert amount collected into volume using pie r squared
Volume divided by time to calculate the rate


How does limiting light on the Calvin cycle effect ribulose biphosphate

Rbp decreases as being converted into GP but no reformation by triode phosphate as there's no ATP


How does limiting light on the Calvin cycle effect glycerate phosphate

GP increases as not converted into triose phosphate as there's no ATP but is for me by rbp


What is a species

A group of organisms with similar characteristics that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring