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Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs


3 types of sustainability



Economic sustainability

Involves the efficient and responsible use of available resources to ensure that all financial obligations over time can be met


Social sustainability

Social sustainability is about creating a society that is equitable where the social needs are met of the current generation but also of the future generations


Environmental sustainability

Involves making decisions and implementing practices that minimise the degradation of the planet and having an awareness of natural resources and fragility of the physical environment.


Examples of economic sustainability

Managing debt
Increasing incomes
Increasing opportunities for trade
Building industry
Increasing opportunities for employment


Examples of social sustainability

Social support systems
High employment
Sustainable birth rates
Investing in education
Development of healthcare systems
Increasing access to technology
Development of legal and political systems
Improving living standards
Strong social justice


Examples of environmental sustainability

Responsible development of infrastructure
Responsible use of non-renewable resources and energy
Responsible agricultural productivity
Reducing emissions


Economic objectives



Social objectives

Full employment
Cultural identity


Environmental objectives

A healthy environment for humans
Rational use of renewable natural resources
Conservation of non-renewable natural resources


Human development

Creating an environment in which people can develop to their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accordance with their needs and interests. It is about expanding people's choices and enhancing capabilities, having access to knowledge, health and a decent standard of living and participating in the life of their community and decisions affecting their lives.


Human development index

Is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, being knowledgeable and having a decent standard of living.


3 dimensions of HDI and indicators

A long and healthy life – measured by life expectancy at birth
Being knowledgeable – measured by mean years of schoolin and by expected years of schooling
A decent standard of living – measured by GNI per capita


Advantages of HDI

Provides a more accurate measure than simply GNI or life expectancy
Enables comaprisons
Clear accurate evaluations can be made


Disadvantages of HDI

Not all countries are able to receive a ranking
Is not a complete measure of human development
Does not measure gender, income inequality or political freedom


Climate change

Involves the rise of the global temperature, changes to weather patterns and increase of extreme weather events


What impact will climate change have?

Annual rainfall will decrease
The increase of extreme weather events
Fluctuations in temperatures
It will impact high, middle and low-income countries
Rising sea levels


Climate change - PMSES

P - food shortages, reduced access to safe and clean water and healthcare restrictions
M - high levels of stress and unable to cope with day to day demands due to lack of resources
S - communities may separate and reduce communication and tensions may arise over resource sharing, children will be unable to attend school
E - feelings of anxiety and fear will grow as the consequences of climate change continue, possibly even grief due to loss of life
S - feelings of despair and hopelessness may lead to people questioning their purpose and values


Who is at risk of climate change?

All populations are at risk however low-middle income countries are higher risk because they already have a lack of resources



Conflict within a country has the potential to displace thousands of people from their homes and leads to death, destruction of resources and highly stressful situations. people have less opportunity, choice and freedom in these countries and have the highest rate of poverty


Conflict - PMSES

P - increased injury and death, increased female assault and a food and resource insecurity
M - High levels of stress and prevent people from thinking logically
S - subgroups can experience social isolation, and tensions can rise over resources, children may not go to school preventing social interaction
E - feelings of anxiety and fear of the unknown, feelings of grief over lost family members
S - A questioning of one's beliefs, and a loss of hope


Mass migration

The world is facing its worst refugee/mass migration crisis since WW2, millions of people are fleeing their homes due to poverty, political unrest and natural disasters. this is especially prevalent in low-income countries.


Mass migration - PMSES

P - increased risk of injury and disease due to close contact with lot's of people
M - high levels of stress about the fear of the unknown as they may not know where to go but staying at home is too dangerous
S - refugees are often met with suspicion which can prevent them from integrating into society
E - high levels of fear and anxiety as it is very dangerous to flee and a country but even more dangerous to stay
S - difficulties with being a refugee may result in loss of sense of purpose and leaving their home may result in a loss of sense of belonging


Digital technologies

Tecnological innovations have had a huge impact on the world as they are allowing more people to communitcate and recieve information all over the world.


Advantages of digital technology

Allowing anyone to communicate all over the world
Translating languages and opening up the global market
People have more access to health information


Disadvantages of digital technologies

Increase in the rate of depression and anxiety
Increase in sedentary behaviour
Hackers duping people into scams
High income countries have a better ability to monitor and control what people see on the internet


Digital technologies impact on PMSES

P - by having more access to health information they can see what to do about health concerns
M - social media can impact on one's self esteem leading to anxiety and depression
S - Allows people to communicate with each other all over the world and removes language barriers
E - are able to express their emotions to a wide platform of people
S - discover their sense of purpose online


Advantages of tourism

Increases opportunities for travel
Increases income
Growing interdependence


DIsadvantages of tourism

Impacts on biodiversity and the environment
Increased risk of communicable diseases


World trade

Is the trading of goods and services between countries



Is the movement of people from country to country


Advantages of world trade

Increases economic sustainability of low-middle income countries
Allows people all over the world to access any goods or services available


Disadvantages of world trade

Low-middle income countries are more at risk for not receiving a fair deal
High-income countries benefit the most from world trade


World trade and tourism - PMSES

P - Increases the risk of communicable diseases
M - May place strain on resources due to increased demand
S - Increases global communication
E - May increase economic sustainability and bring feelings of relief and happiness
S - Travelling may allow a person to discover their sense of purpose


Human development acronym

develop to their full potential
lead Productive and creative lives
Participate in their community
expand their Choices
enhance their Capabilities
have access to Knowledge
have access to Health
enjoy a Decent standard of living