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what is journalizing?

The recording of transactions in a journal


what are the four parts of a journal entry?

date of transaction

the account debited and the amount

the account credited and the amount (indented)

and explanation giving details of the transaction


what are three advantages of the journal?

The complete transaction is recorded in one place

reduces errors

errors are easier to spot


what is a journal entry?

A journal entry is a transaction recorded in a journal


what is double entry accounting?

each debit amount must have an equal credit amount


what is the general ledger?

The letter is a group of accounts. Each account shows a complete up-to-date record of all transactions affecting only that particular account


what is posting?

posting is the process of transferring information to the ledger from the Journal


why are T-accounts not used?

they are not very practical, there is less chance of error in the balance column form of account than a T-account


what is the chart of accounts?

A list of the ledger account names and numbers


what are the steps in posting to the ledger?

locate account
record the date
enter the amount
calculate the new balance
complete the ledger PR column
complete the journal PR column


what are posting references?

posting references link journal entries to postings in the ledger


what is an audit?

A systematic check of accounting records and procedures by an accountant


what is an opening entry?

The opening entry records the assets, liabilities, and owners equity when a business first begins operations


what is a compound entry?

A complementary has more than one debit or more than one credit


what is a trial balance?

The trial balance is a test, or trial, to prove that the ledger is mathematically in balance


what is the accounting cycle

The set of accounting procedures performed in each accounting period


what are source documents?

any business for that serves as the original source of information that the transaction has occurred
example a sales slip


why are source documents prenumbered?

they're numbered to prevent errors and losses


what is the principle of objectivity?

requires objective evidence to support the value used to record transactions


what is the journal?

A record of transactions recorded in chronological order