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What is used for urinary incontinence?

- oxybutinin - MR prep has fewer side effects
- tolterodine
- solifenicin
- mirabegron - QT prolongation, CI in hypertension


What drug treatment can be used for nocturnal enuresis in children?

- oral or sublingual desmopressin
- if there are signs of response, continue treatment for 3 months

- ALTERNATIVE - imipramine (TCA)


What is the difference between acute and chronic urinary retention?

- Acute - inability to pass urine over a period of hours
- Chronic - gradual development of the inability to empty the bladder completely


What is the most common cause of urinary retention in men?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia


How do you treat acute urinary retention?

- Catheter - immediately
- Alpha blocker - doxazosin, alfuzosin, terazosin, tamsulosin, indoramin


What are some side effects of alpha blockers?

- hypotension
- postural hypotension

- first dose at bed time


How to you treat chronic urinary retention?

- long term catheterisation
- catheters can cause pain and stones


What is used for urinary retention in patients with an enlarged prostate?

- finasteride
- ADRs = male breast cancer, suicidal thoughts, depression


What are symptoms of renal and ureteric stones?

- abdominal pain radiating to the groin
- nausea
- increased urinary frequency
- dysuria


What are risk factors for kidney stones?

- Male aged between 40-60
- excessive dietry intake of sodium, animal protein, oxlate (rhubarb, spinach, nuts, strawberries, soy), urate
- obesity
- fmaily history


How do you treat kidney stones?

- natural passing
- surgical - shockwaves, etc
- NSAIDs to manage the pain


what advice would you give to patients with recurrent stones?

- limit oxlate, salt and urate intake


How would you treat urological pain?

- lidocaine gel to relieve pain of catheter
- potassium citrate - for alkalinisation of urine


How do you go about treating a bladder infection?

- Washouts e.g. sodium chloride solution
- chlorhexidine can also be used but isn't preferred


How do you treat blood clot retention?

irrigation with sterile sodium chloride solution


How do you treat bladder cancer?

Installations of doxorubicin and mitomycin


Which catheters should be changed at least every 6 weeks?

- catheters composed of latex
- if they are to be left for longer periods of time then silicone catheter should be used