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The French asked President _______ of the USA to send American troops to help, their was even of _____ weapons but he refused to both because the United States had just ended the War in _____ where 40,000 Americans had died.



Where were the leaders of France, Britain, China, the Soviet Union, the United States, and Vietnam meant to meet up on May 1954?

Geneva, Switzerland


True or false
They met in Geneva,Switzerland the day after the fall of Dien Bien Phu.



Eisenhower wanted the French to carry on fighting but they had, had enough. The Vietminh wanted early _____ so the whole of Vietnam could elect a government for the whole of Vietnam. They were confident of winning. The western powers wanted to long delay before elections because they were worried about __________ popularity throughout Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh


What 3 points were agreed in Geneva?

-Vietnam would be divided in two along the 17th parallel-North under Ho Chi Minh and the South Under Ngo Dinh Diem.
-The Vietminh forces would withdraw from the South and the French would pull out of the North.
-A date for the elections was fixed:July 1956


In 8 years of fighting 400,000 _____ and _____ had died. But few at the time believed that the Geneva Agreement really would end conflict. For one thing the leader of the South, Ngo Dinh Diem refused to accept the agreement. Yet the Americans made it clear that they would support Diem because he was a strong enemy against ______.

Soldiers and Civilians


What was Eisenhower's foreign policy later called?

The domino theory


What was the domino theory?

This was the theory that the countries of South East Asia were closely linked together. If one fell to communism, the others would also fall like a row of dominoes.


Give an example of the real life domino theory(China)

China became communist in 1949. North Korea and Vietnam also had communist governments. If the South Vietnamese 'domino' followed which country would be next Malaya?Burma?


Eisenhower was determined the communism would stop at the __ _________.

17th parallel


Diem was elected president of South Vietnam so this meant the United States would therefore have to prop up Diem's government with _____,_______ and _______.

Military equiptment


Eisenhower knew that Diem would have to win the support of the people. The fact that Diem was _____ and most Vietnamese were ______ would not make this easier.



The statistics for Diem's election in 1955 tell a great deal about the kind of Government Diem planned and the kind of man the United States was backing. Diem won with ____ per cent of the votes. The Americans had advised him to only get 60 or 70. In Saigon there were 450,000 people entitled to vote but Somehow ______ people voted for Diem. Clearly he had cheated.



Eisenhower hoped that Diem would carry out land reforms to help ______ of the South get land of their own. Diem and the minister in charge of land reform was not interested.



How did peasants get land in the South, and how this different to the North?

Land abandoned by its owners during the war would be taken by peasants who farmed on it, those few who did get land had to pay for it in installments. By contrast Vietminh distributed land in the North and gave it to the peasants.


Diem was only interested in hunting down supporters of the Vietminh and re-educating them in prison camps. Those who couldn't be persuaded to change their views would be ______. Perhaps as many as 12,000 were permanently re-educated in this way.



There was no election in Vietnam because Diem refused to have one. Diem knew the USA would still support him because he was preventing _____. Diem was a ____ who pulled his own strings. Diems government favored the _________at the expense of the peasants. The landowners forced their peasants to pay high taxes and even made them work for free at certain times.



The communists in the South knew that peasants wanted to _____ _____. Diem's attacks on the Vietminh was proving successful. Vietminh supporters in the South were gradually being eliminated by Diem's police and army. It was time to fight back.

Fight back


Eventually in 1959, the communist government in the North issued orders to the Vietminh to begin a terror campaign against _______ of Diem's government. Between 1959 and 1961, on average, ______ South Vietnamese officials a year were assassinated by the Vietcong.



What does the term Vietcong?

Vietnamese communist


Why did the Americans decide that the South Government should say Vietcong rather than Vietminh?

Vietminh stood for patriotism and it was rather bad propaganda for this idea to be linked to the communists in the North. They thought any phrase involving the word communist was an insult.


In December 1960 the communists in Hanoi set up the National Liberation Front in the South. The NLF, though did not consist only of communists. It had broad appeal to _____class professionals such as doctors and teachers, as well as peasants and workers. Its main aims were to overthrow Diem, get rid of the _______and reunite The North and South.



What happened after the NLF started?

John F Kennedy became president of the United States.


Kennedy wanted Americans to think he was ____ on communism. He was keen to increase American ______ in South Vietnam but he would not send combat troops there. Kennedy did not want to increase the tension in the area because he was afraid that any threat to North Vietnam might bring the _______into conflict to defend their fellow communists. This is what during the Korean War, when North Korea was invaded by US troops.



In situations like this, ______ wars can occur. Instead of sending troops Kennedy agreed to increase the number of military experts training the South Vietnamese army,ARVN. These rose from 700 to 3000. By 1963 there were 16,000 of them.