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Use Cases are a BLANK technique of Requirements Engineering



What is the general "scenarios" technique?

ask customer for positive and negative examples, as well as corner cases


What are the four methods of Req Engineering?

1. User stories
2. Use Cases and Use Case Diagrams
3. Sequence Diagrams
4. Decision Tables


Definition of a user story?

A User Story is a concise, written description of a piece of functionality
that will be valuable to a user (or owner) of the software


Main part of user story card?

As a [role] I want [something] so that [benefit]


What are natural language patterns?

Formulate requirements in same sentence structure (depends on language). Example:
After office hours (=A), the system (=C) should (=B) offer to the operator (=D) a backup ( =F) of all new registrations to an external medium (=E).


What are the pros of user stories?

- easy to create small units
- close contact to customer
- objective/testable


What are the cons of user stories?

- difficult to keep overview of whole system (best used for changes)
- can't do non-functional req
- estimation of effort may be difficult


Definition of a use case?

A sequence of interactions between an actor(s) and a system triggered by a specific actor, which produces a result for that actor.


What does a use case describe?

A use case describes all interactions between the system and participating actors that are needed to achieve the goal. It ends when the goal is achieved or it is clear that it cannot be achieved.


What are the components of a use case?

name, goal, pre-condition, post-condition, post-condition in exceptional case, actors, open questions, normal case, exception cases


What are the components of a use case diagram?

actor (stick person), use case name (in circle), circles can be connected with "include" or "extend"