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If a trim line is cut more anteriorly what affect will that have on the AFO?

it will create a stiffer AFO


If a trim line is cut more posteriorly what affect will that have on the AFO?

it will create a more flexible AFO


When are conventional orthoses used?

for someone with fluctuating edema


What are supramalleolar orthosis?

trimlines extend above malleoli, used when M/L stability is needed, requires voluntary able control

common in pediatrics


When are prefabricated ankle orthoses recommended?

for mild and temporary cases


What is a solid AFO?

fixed at ankle and provide support for TCJ/STJ

DF AFO can reduce recurvartum at knee

usually with anterior trim as it allows for more control but will not be a smooth gait


Why would a motion articulated AFO be utilized?

allows for DF and/or PF, most often allowing DF but blocking PF with posterior stop

also more energy efficient


When are motion articulated AFO contraindicated?

if a pt has a contracture


Where is the trim line on a dorsiflexed AFO?

posterior to malleoli

provides a spring like DF assist in late stance


When are carbon fiber AFO indicated?

if pt has fluctuating edema or skin issues as they are ultra light weight

provide spring like affect and translates to smoother gait


What is a carbon fiber AFO contraindicated?

if pt has M/L ankle instability


When would a ground reaction force AFO be prescribed?

used to prevent excessive knee flexion, KE promoted by use of GFRV,


What is the average time it takes a patient to get adjusted to an AFO?

2 weeks


What is a wearing schedule for an AFO?

day 1/2- limited WB, 15-30 intervals

day 3/7- intermittent WB, 15-30 intervals

day 8/14- extended WB periods as indicated