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What ages does the fire service explorer program allow

Ages 15 through 21


Who acts as the coordinator of the explorer program

A field BC


Who designates explorer post advisors

Jurisdictional BC


Who is responsible to ensure that during emergency situations explorers are not involved in direct fire suppression or in any hazardous situation

Station captain


What are explorers allowed to participate in at a structure fire

With adequate supervision they can handle hose lines during overhaul operations


What must the station captain ensure the explorer does before completing ride along

Prepares a form 634 ride along performance evaluation


When are explorer JAC hourly training forms submitted

Post advisor shall submit forms 369 to TSS prior to the 10th of the following month


How far in advance do explorers need permission to ride along

Three days in advance


What forms must explorers have completed prior to a ride along

Form 14 waiver and release of claims
form 464 authorization for treatment of a minor


Observer explorers/level 2 wear what uniform

brush jacket


Certified explorer level III wear what uniform

Full protective clothing except Fire had


Maintain their status how often must explorers ride along

14 hour ride along per month for observer status
24 hour ride along per month to remain certified


What are the time limits for female ride along's under 18 years of age in the explorer program

They may ride until 2200 hrs. but be given credit for 24 hours


If an explorer gets hurt who must be notified

Explorers parent
jurisdictional BC
reserve and volunteer coordinator
assigned post advisor


Form 4

Request for copies of records or reports


Since it is a legal document the station business journal is subject to what



What should be used in the station business journal to call attention to any special entry

The word 'notice' in the left-hand margin


Where should all injuries to station personnel and all injuries to the civilians involving county property be documented

Journalized in the station business journal in detail


What do you do with completed business journals

Keep at station for five years then send to administrative bureau in LAO


What do you do when the business Journal is filled up

Write "end of this journal" and draw a line through unused lines


What provides procedures for access to public records by members of the public

The California public records act


Which documents shall be released upon receipt of a written request using the public records act

Fire and emergency medical service reports lifeguard rescue reports departmental policies procedures and directives


What information is not subject to public disclosure

Pending litigation or claims against the county
personnel or medical records
preliminary draft notes or memoranda


If disclosure of the requested documents under the California public records act is uncertain who should you direct requests to

To the assistant Fire Chief or division chief


Is the station business journal open for inspection under the public records act

Yes request for copies of pages or entry should be submitted in writing to the jurisdictional BC