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What is a Forcible Felony by policy

Means treason;murder;manslaughter;sexual battery;carjacking;home-invasion robbery;robbery;burglary;arson;kidnapping;aggravated assault;aggravated battery;aggravated stalking;aircraft piracy;unlawful throwing,placing,or discharging of a destructive device or bomb;and any other felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against any individual.



An active and continuing effort by a member of the Osceola County Sheriff's Office in an authorized emergency vehicle to apprehend the occupant(s) of a moving motor vehicle, provided the driver of such vehicle is or should be aware of the attempt being made, increases his/her speed, takes other evasive actions, or refuses to stop in an attempt to avoid apprehension.


When is a vehicle apprehension justified

when the necessity of immediate apprehension of the suspect(s) outweighs the public danger created by the apprehension. In instances where immediate apprehension cannot be affected with reasonable safety, a member shall attempt to obtain sufficient information to effect a subsequent apprehension.


The member shall proceed in a direction different than that of the suspect except when all of the following circumstances are present:

(1). The supervisor authorizes the following of the vehicle after the decision to terminate the pursuit was given.
(2). The member(s) follow(s) traffic laws.
(3). The member and supervisor can articulate reasons for the following of the vehicle.


Members and supervisors are reminded that pursuing for traffic or misdemeanor violations is

not permitted. Vehicles shall be pursued for forcible felonies only.


A supervisor may authorize in extenuating circumstances a pursuit for what type of crime

burglary to a structure or arson to a structure.


What is the supervisor responsible for in a pursuit

a. Overall and immediate responsibility for the decisions concerning continuance or discontinuance of the vehicle apprehension.
b. Command of the vehicle apprehension tactics.


What is the Platoon Lieutenant responsible for

a. Monitor the vehicle apprehension and ensure compliance with this Policy and Procedure.
b. Immediately take command and control of the vehicle apprehension in the event a supervisor fails to do so.


When leaving the county in a pursuit who can authorize contact outside of the radio ie phone

Lieutenant of higher


c. No other land based agency vehicles shall be used in a vehicle apprehension unless equipped with emergency lights and siren, and

approved by a lieutenant or higher authority.