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What does estar mean?

Estar means to be in English.


Is estar a regular verb?

No, estar is not a regular verb.

Estar is an irregular verb.


Why is estar irregular?

Estar is irregular 

because its conjugations are

different in many ways.


What are the conjugations 

for estar?

yo estoy

tú estás

usted, él, ella está 

nosotros, nosotros estamos

ustedes, ellos, ellas están


Did you notice the irregularities

of the estar conjugations?

Yo  ends in "y"

Did you notice estás, está & están have accents on the "a"?


So, what are the estar conjugations equivalent in English?

I am

You are

He, she, it is

We are

You (all) are

They are


What are the uses of estar in Spanish?

estar is used to describe location, health

feelings or a condition that is only temporary.


Whenever you're in doubt, there is a song that you can sing to help you remember the uses for estar.

for how you feel


where you are

you always use 

the verb estar