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What is a verb?

Words that express action or a state of being.

Action verbs are a physical or mental activity
Linking verbs connects the subject to a word of word group that describes the subject. The word group is called a subject complement.


What is the difference between main and helping verbs?

Main verbs are the main action or word expressing a state of being.

Helping verbs assist in expressing the verb and are often tiny forgotten words.

Examples: John WILL BE ARRIVING at 3:00pm.
Will and be are helping verbs. Arriving is the main verb.

She SHOULD not HAVE BEEN TOLD about her surprise party. Should, have and been are helping verbs. Told is the main verb.


What is the difference between linking and action verbs?

Action verbs:
He LOOKED for his dog. This is a physical activity so it is an action verb.

Linking verbs:
He LOOKED handsome in this light. Was can be replaced by was (form of to be) to mean the same thing.


What are the tips for identifying linking verbs?

To be test
Replace the word with a form of to be. If it has a similar meaning, it it a linking verb. If it does not have a similar meaning then it is not a linking verb.

Now you need to check that this is true;
Noun/pronoun = (is linked to a) noun/pronoun/adjective.


What are commonly used linking verbs?

Forms of be: am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been

Forms of have: has, have, having, had

Forms of do: do, does, doing, did

Modals: may, can, could, might, shall, should, must, will, would.


What is a modal?

A modal is a helping verb that is joined with a main verb to express an attitude such as necessity or possibility.

We MUST be on time if we want to catch the plane. Must indicates necessity

The teacher said we MAY have a quiz on Friday. May indicates possibility.


What are verb phrases?

Verb phrases are a group of multiple verbs that are identified as one name for the whole group.

Main verbs can be separated by the helping verbs in the sentence.
Ex. She WILL happily MARRY him. Will is a helping verb and marry is an action verb. The whole verb phrase is action.


What is a transitive verb?
What is the transitive verb test?

Transitive verbs are always action and takes and object.

Transitive verb test:
Noun/pronoun + verb + what

If the what piece = noun/pronoun then it is a transitive verb.
If the what piece does not equal a noun/pronoun is then it is not a transitive verb.

If you are looking at a question, turn it into a statement to fit the test.


What are intransitive verbs?

Intransitive are the same as transitive verbs, but they do not have an object. There can be a pronoun in between a verb and it's object.

If the answer to the transitive verb test is multiple words, it is an intransitive verb or verb phrase. Or if the answer to the test is not a noun or pronoun then it is a intransitive verb.

Ex. MD practices in the quad. In the quad is multiple words.
MD practices happily. Happily is an adjective not a noun or pronoun.


What is an object?

An object is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of a verb.