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to go out, come out, get out; to leave, depart; to come out or appear

salir (-go)


1. (to exit)
a. to go out
Take the elevator to go out.

Usa el ascensor para salir.


b. to leave
Jake left but said he would meet us for lunch.

Jake salió pero dijo que nos encontraría para almorzar.


c. to come out
Don't come out without first putting on your coat and boots.

No salgas sin primero ponerte el abrigo y las botas.


d. to get out
If you don't get out of the pool right now, you're grounded.

Si no sales de la piscina ya, estarás castigado.


2. (to depart)
a. to leave
The train is about to leave.

El tren está a punto de salir.


b. to set off
Ready to set off, guys?

¿Listos para salir, muchachos


(to date)
a. to go out
Rosie and Evan have been going out for years.

Rosie y Evan llevan años saliendo.


4. (to do activities outside the house)
a. to go out
Let's go out this weekend.

Salgamos este fin de semana.


5. (to result)
a. to turn out
Things don't always turn out as expected.

Las cosas no siempre salen como se espera.


b. to go
How did everything go in the meeting?

¿Cómo salió todo en la junta?


c. to work out
In the end, everything worked out well for me.

Al final de todo, las cosas me salieron bien.


6. (to originate)
a. to come from
Success comes from hard work.

El éxito sale del trabajo duro.


7. (to come into sight)
a. to rise
We hiked to the summit to see the sun rise over the mountains.

Subimos a la cima para ver el sol saliendo sobre las montañas.


b. to come out
Look at that plane that's coming out of the storm.

Mira ese avión que va saliendo de la tormenta.


c. to come up
When the moon came up, the witches began to dance.

Cuando salió la luna, las brujas empezaron a bailar.


d. to come through (teeth)
The baby is crying because her teeth are coming through.

La nena está llorando porque le están saliendo los dientes.


e. to appear
A leak appeared in the ceiling

Salió una gotera en el techo.


8. (to sprout)
a. to come up
Look, some daffodils came up in the garden.

Mira, en el jardín salieron unos narcisos.


b. to put out
The apple tree put out some flowers.

Al manzano le salieron unas flores.


9. (to remove)
a. to come out
Ink stains often come out with alcohol.

Las manchas de tinta a veces salen con alcohol.


10. (computing)
a. to exit
To exit the program press "esc."

Para salir del programa, pulsa "esc".


11. (figurative) (to crop up)
a. to arise
This problem arose because of a lack of attention to details.

Este problema salió por la falta de atención a los detalles.


b. to come up
Many questions came up in the exam review session.

Salieron muchas preguntas en la sesión de repaso para el examen.


12. (to be done with)
a. to finish
What time to you finish work on Fridays?

¿A qué hora sales de trabajar los viernes?


13. (to make it through)
a. to come through
We came through the storm all right thanks to our neighbors.

Salimos bien del huracán gracias a la ayuda de nuestros vecinos.


b. to come out
I don't know how they came out of that fix.

No sé cómo salieron de ese apuro.


c. to get out
Three soldiers got out of the confrontation without injuries.

Tres soldados salieron del enfrentamiento sin heridas.


14. (to turn up)
a. to come along
When an opportunity like this comes along, you have to act.

Cuando sale una oportunidad así, hay que actuar.


16. (to be made public)
a. to come out
The new season of my favorite show just came out.

Ya salió la nueva temporada de mi programa favorito.


18. (colloquial) (to come out with; used with "con")
a. to tell
And then he tells me doesn't want to go on vacation with me.

Y luego que me sale con que no quiere ir de vacaciones conmigo.


19. (to get a result)
a. to do
I can't do this homework!

¡No me sale esta tarea!


20. (to end in; used with "a")
a. to come out on
This avenue comes out on Zaragoza.

Esta avenida sale a Zaragoza.


21. (to look like; used with "a")
a. to take after
My son takes after his grandfather.

Mi hijo salió a su abuelo.


Get out.