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Spain: Story of the 2010's

2010: Exceptional; Ribera slightly better than Rioja
2011: Powerful, concentrated, heat-stressed
2012: Drought continues; small crop, big tannins, overall high quality.
2013: Cool and wet in Rioja, could be variable; Ribera looks very good.
2014: Affected by grey rot; TBD.
2015: Hot, dry; big alcohol, big concentration.


Rhône: Story of the 80's

1981: Troubled and thin in the North; excellent in the south
1982: Hot vintage; excellent in the North, overblown in the south
1983: Excellent in the North, erratic in the South
1984: Terrible
1985: Successful, opulent, and soft
1986: Firm and tannic, joyless
1987: Very poor overall; some exceptions in Côte Rôtie
1988: Excellent, "Classic". Overshadowed by 1989 and 1990
1989: Outstanding and highly conccentrated


Tuscany: Story of the 2010's

2010: Tremendous in Brunello
2011: Hot, high alcohol, rich; not necessarily fresh
2012: Medium-bodied, fresh
2013: "Classic" (cooler than the last three); fresh, elegant.
2014: Major hail. Light, early-maturing.
2015: Hot and dry; lower yield, generally promising.


Bordeaux: Story of the 90's

1990: Exceptional; big and ripe like 1989; more highly regarded
1991: Disaster
1992: Disaster
1993: Slightly better
1994: Mediocre
1995: Big crop, hard, tannic; like 1975
1996: Exceptional, pure, deep, concentrated; exceptional sweet wines
1997: Exceptional sweet wines; difficult year for dry wines
1998: Excellent Right Bank; left bank washed out
1999: Rainy; saved by modern viticulture and winemaking technology


Spain: Story of the 2000's

2000: Big crop, variable quality. Better in Ribera.
2001: Small crop, excellent quality.
2002: Washout
2003: Drought, unbalanced
2004: Excellent, especially in Rioja
2005: Also excellent; hot but balanced
2006: Good, but not as good as 2004/2005
2007: Destroyed by hail. Very difficult.
2008: Excellent in Rioja; cool weather results in balanced, elegant wines in Ribera
2009: Very hot; ultimately very high quality


Burgundy: Story of the 90's

1990: High quality, high yield.
1991: Inconsistent.
1992: High yield, lower acidity, rich and supple.
1993: Excellent reds; whites troubled by hail.
1994: Dilute.
1995: Small but excellent; high acid, originally austere.
1996: Pure, high acid wines.
1997: Hot and stormy; charming but early-maturing.
1998: Fat and stolid.
1999: Powerful, charming, ripe


Bordeaux: Story of the 2010's

2010: Exceptional; more structured than 2009
2011: Fresh, aromatic, less concentrated; exceptional for sweet wine
2012: difficult; small crop
2013: even more difficult; smaller crop
2014: warm and sunny, higher yields
2015: pretty darn perfect; high expectations


Bordeaux: Story of the 60's:

1959: Exceptional; lush, easy-drinking. Hard to find.
1960: Washout
1961: Exceptional; rich tannic, ageworthy.
1962: Exceptional sweet wine
1963: Washout
1964: Disaster on left bank and graves; excellent Right Bank vintage
1965: Washout
1966: Good, but hard and tannic
1967: Light, dilute; good in Sauternes
1968: Disaster
1969: Disaster


Piedmont: Story of the 2000's

2000: Very good, small crop
2001: High quality; lowered acidity
2002: Difficult
2003: Overripe; may be overblown
2004: Exceptional. "Like 1964"
2005: Solid. Affected by drought.
2006: Classic, finesse and power
2007: Hot summer; ripe wines, low yield
2008: Austere and structured compared to 2007.
2009: Very hot; lower acidity, rough tannin.


Burgundy: Story of the 2000's

2000: Excellent whites, dilute reds
2001: Inconsistent, wet
2002: Excellent whites, charming reds
2003: Heat wave; producer by producer
2004: Lean, angular
2005: Rich and highly heralded
2006: Pure, expressive reds; fleshy whites
2007: High acid whites; reds are variable
2008: Focused and pure, high sugar, high acidity
2009: Big, healthy, high quality


Burgundy: Story of the 2010's

2010: High quality, small yield. More structure than 2009
2011: Uneven, austere. Good whites
2012: Good quality, soft; small crop
2013: Small but balanced
2014: Excellent whites, lighter styled reds.
2015: Rich, ripe, lower acidity than 2014. Hail in Chablis


Champagne: Story of the 90's

1990: Ripe, concentrated. Best of 1988-1990
1995: Big crop, rich - maybe too rich?
1996: Big ripeness, big acidity. Wide range of maturity
1997: Ripe, opulent, overshadowed by 1996
1998: Good, solid, lower acidity than 1995/1996
1999: Ripe, round, simple


Tuscany: Story of the 2000's

2000: Hot, early maturing. Soft, round, fruity.
2001: Good quality, full bodied, lower acidity.
2002: Underripe or rotten.
2003: Dense, full-bodied, high alcohol, lower acidity.
2004: Exceptional. "Italy's 2005"
2005: Cold and rot.
2006: Excellent, balanced.
2007: Hot vintage; big, powerful
2008: Excellent, but structured and austere
2009: Super hot; jammy, high alcohol. Well-regarded, but may not last.


Rhône: Story of the 1990's

1990: Sumptuous, powerful; fleshier than 1999
1991: Very good in the North; washout in the South
1992: Washout
1993: Washout
1994: Better than the preceeding vintages, but inconsistent.
1995: Outstanding, firm structure
1996: Lean, high acid.
1997: Hot and rainy; inconsistent.
1998: Hot vintage, very successful
1999: Exceptional, and larger quantities. Some trouble with rot in the South.


Tuscany: Story of the 70's

1970: Exceptional across the board
1971: Exceptional; smaller crop in Chianti
1972: Washout
1973: Light, early-maturing
1974: Generally poor
1975: Hot and dry; big alcohol, color, sturcture. Supreme for Brunello.
1976: Washout
1977: Very good; balanced and elegant.
1978: Excellent; leaner and more austere than 1979.
1979: Big crop, ripe, powerful wines


Tuscany: Story of the 80's

1980: Variable
1981: Early maturing; good not great
1982: Excellent; full, tannic, austere
1983: Big harvest; balanced, elegant, big fruit.
1984: Washout
1985: Outstanding; big structure
1986: Excellent; overshadowed by 1985; lighter in body.
1987: Variable
1988: Smaller crop, huge quality; rich, powerful.
1989: Difficult, dilute


Rhône: Story of the 2000's

2000: Excellent in the south; good but not great in the north
2001: Exceptional; more structure than 2000
2002: Washout
2003: Massive, concentrated
2004: Good but not great.
2005: Exceptional; lower yields
2006: Good vintage; lighter, charming
2007: Exceptional, silky, lush in the south. Variable in the north.
2008: Rainy, difficult, dilute.
2009: Exceptional. Big ripeness.


Spain: Story of the 80's

1982: Exceptional. "Best since 1970."
1986: Good in Rioja, better in Ribera
1989: Big, rich, charming


Rhône: Story of the 70's

1971: Solid in the North, light and short lived in the south
1973-1975: Washed out
1977: Washed out
1978: Excellent in both regions; one of the great vintages of the 20th century in the north
1979: Excellent, but softer and more fragrant than 1978


Bordeaux: Story of the 70's

1970: Excellent; big crop
1972: Disaster
1973: Disaster
1974: Disaster
1975: Fair, but best since 1970; exceptional in Sauternes
1977: Disaster


Champagne: Story of the 70's

1970: Fine, classic
1971: Big crop, very elegant
1973: Big crop, lots of rain, inconsistent
1975: Classic vintage, high quality
1976: Hot vintage, soft and ripe
1978: Lean, high acid. Few vintage wines.
1979: Balanced, ageworthy


Burgundy: Story of the 70's

1971: Excellent, full concentrated
1974, 1975: Washout
1976: Better; reds more successful
1977: Washout
1978: Excellent quality, small crop
1979: Hail troubled reds; concentrated, elegant whites.


Piedmont: Story of the 80's

1980: Difficult
1981: Difficult
1982: Rich, weighty, well-balanced
1983: Big crop, big disease pressure
1984: Disaster
1985: Excellent; similar to 1978. Big crop.
1986: Difficult
1987: Generally poor
1988: Soft, attractive, full
1989: Exceptional; overshadowed by 1990


Spain: Story of the 90's

1990: Also big, rich, and charming
1991: Excellent; weighty, structured
1992: Troubled by rain
1993: Troubled by rain
1994: Small crop, exceptional quality
1995: Big crop, big quality in Rioja; Ribera had a smaller cop, but riper and better balanced than 1994.
1996: good in Rioja, great in Ribera
1997: Washed out
1998: Big quantity; very good quality
1999: Struggles with rain; good but not as good as 1998.


Bordeaux: Story of the 2000's

2000: Exceptional on both banks
2001: Exceptional sweet wines; very good right bank. Left bank somewhat dilute.
2002: "Classic" - somewhat green/underripe
2003: ripe v. roasted
2004: Big crop; complaints of greenness
2005: Exceptional; big price leaps
2006: Hard, tannic, austere
2007: Soft and pleasant; exceptional sweet wine
2008: Lean, more austere; first vintage impacted by China
2009: Rich, opulent, fruit-forward


Burgundy: Story of the 80's

1980: Juicy, vigorous reds; poor, dilute whites
1981: Thin, dilute
1982: Soft, pleasant, early maturing. Big crop
1983: Ripe vintage; good reds, overripe whites
1984: Washout, underripe
1985: Fine, ripe, vigorous
1986: Inconsistent. Better for whites.
1987: Inconsistent, underripe.
1988: Large crop, lean, high acid vintage.
1989: Hot and dry, spectacular and rich.


Piedmont: Story of the 2010's

2010: Exceptional; classic, firm structure
2011: Very hot; supple, ripe, high alcohol
2012: Lighter-styled vintage, fresh, high acid
2013: Looking like 2010.
2014: Hail and rain; looking lighter styled
2015: Very hot; looking ripe with lowered acidity.


Bordeaux: Story of the 80's

1982: Exceptional
1983: Very good for dry wines; exceptional for sweet wines
1985: Exceptional, particularly on Right Bank. Elegance over power
1986: Exceptional; traditional, high tannin
1987: Disaster
1988: Poor, dilute reds; exceptional sweet wines
1989: Exceptional, big crop, big power; also exceptional for sweet wines


Champagne: Story of the 80's

1982: Excellent, big, rich
1983: Very good; overshadowed by 1982
1985: Excellent; concentrated, stylish, balanced
1986: Inconsistent
1988: Excellent, high acid, austere
1989: Hot, rich, opulent


Rhône: Story of the 2010's

2010: Exceptional; more structure than 2009
2011: Lighter, delicate
2012: Difficult vintage; small crop. More successful than elsewhere in France
2013: Late start, short season
2014: Lighter, easy-drinking
2015: Hot and very promising.


Champagne: Story of the 2000's

2000: Rich and weighty. Imprecise?
2001: General disaster; those vintages that were made are impressive.
2002: Exceptional, rich, weighty. Akin to 1990
2003: Either rich and weighty or roasted.
2004: Fresh, lively, well balanced.
2005: High ripeness and density - too much?
2006: Ripe, broad, but fresher than 2005.
2007: Bright, fresh, acidic
2008: Taut, harmonious. Lean but excellent.
2009: Plump, approachable.
2010: Very difficult; heavy rain, high disease pressure


Piedmont: Story of the 90's

1990: Exceptional. "Vintage of the century"
1991: Washout
1992: Washout
1993: Generally poor
1994: Very difficult
1995: Small crop. Better.
1996: Very good; first of a string of excellent vintages.
1997: Very wam; big, juicy, lower acidity
1998: Fine, elegant, more structure than 1997
1999: Big, rich, voluptuous. Like 1997.


Tuscany: Story of the 90's

1990: Exceptional, powerful, "traditional"
1991: Washout, fungus
1992: Washout
1993: Austere, nervy.
1994: Round and soft; good but not great.
1995: Small crop, excellent quality. Elegant.
1996: Light, early-maturing
1997: Small crop, exceptional quality. Luscious.
1998: Dilute. Variable.
1999: Big crop, high quality; lighter and higher acid than 1990.


Piedmont: Story of the 70's

1970: Excellent
1971: Excellent; slightly better than 1970
1972: Disaster; wholly declassified by the consorzio.
1973: Generally poor
1974: Big crop; good but not great.
1975: Washout
1976: Washout
1977: Washout
1978: Exceptional, powerful structure
1979: Good; rain at harvest.