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Ralph participating in Simon's murder.

"Ralph too was fighting to get near...the desire to squeeze and hurt was overwhelming."


Jack angry at himself for not killing the pig.

"I was going time-!" He snatched the knife out of his sheath and slammed it into the tree trunk."


Jack attempting to express his bloodlust.

"[Jack] tried to convey the compulsion...that was swallowing him up...the madness came into his eyes again, "I thought I might kill."


Jack's dancing and snarling.

"[Jack] began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling."


Description of the Pig's killing - link to rape.

"Right up her ass!"
"Jack was on top of the sow, stabbing downward with his knife."


Jack's power rush after killing the pig.

"His mind was crowded with memories...knowledge that they had outwitted a living thing, imposed their will on it, taken away its life like a long satisfying drink."


Jack's violence towards Ralph - the end of friendship.

"I'm Chief! "Viciously with full intention, he hurled his spear at Ralph."


The boy's chant.

"Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood."


Description of the ship at the end.

"In the stern sheets another rating held a sub-machine gun."


Piggy about the fire and the boys' feeling.

"You got your small fire alright." ...the boys were falling still and silent, feeling the beginnings of awe at the power set free below them."


Roger's destruction of sandcastles.

"Rgert led the way straight through the castles, kicking them over...scattering the chosen stones."


Roger and his stick.

"Roger sharpened a stick at both ends."


Roger about to torture Samneric

"Roger advanced as if wielding one nameless authority."