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work associated links to violence

unemployment, changing patterns of employment, frustration w/jobs that are repetitive, boring, and lacking in stimulation, feeling of economic dependancy


organized religion influence on violence

disapproval of divorce, slow to recognize domestic violence, religious intolerance and ideology


community factor influence on violence

lack of facilities and parks or recreation centers; density, poverty, diversity, particularly racial tension and overt racism


interpersonal violence

usually about control, not anger


examples of interpersonal violence

dating violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse, community violence, workplace violence


signs of abuse

low self esteem, depression, PTSD


abuse as a process

1. victim initially downplays/denies seriousness; period of self-blame; moral conflict: leave or stay?
2. as violence escalates, abusers remorse lessens
3. moment of leaving the relationship is moment of greatest risk for homicide


abuse during pregnancy: health implications for the woman

greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (condom refusal), risk of spontaneous abortion/premature delivery, increased risk for depression and substance abuse


health risks for infant

spontaneous abortion, premature delivery, low birth rate, small for gestational age, drug exposure in utero


indicators of child abuse

passive neglect, emotional abuse


child neglect

physical, emotional, medical, educational


increased risk for child abuse in children

younger than four years old, special needs


risk factors for child abuse where nurses can have greatest impact

parental knowledge of normal child development, parental coping skills and stress reduction, family socail isolation


elder abuse can be...

physical, sexual, emotional, financial, neglect. it can be a continuation of domestic or family violence


elder abuse is frequently unreported because...

victims are reluctant to report it, elders bruise easily-can be misinterpreted, elders are frequently socially isolated, many providers do not consider it or report it


definition: workplace violence

workplace violence is any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting


types of bullying

physical, psychological, intimidation, verbal, exclusion


primary prevention strategy for violence

addressing social determinants (poverty, neighborhood, education stressors); teaching parents positive child-rearing and management skills and strategies that are safe and nurturing; educate young children on conflict resolution, healthy relationships

*must begin at the family level but continue to the community level if real impact is to be seen


secondary prevention strategy for violence

screening for violence, crisis line, respite care


tertiary prevention strategy for violence

counseling providing a safe place to talk, mandatory reporting, family support and resilience training


making use of media

CONVEY campaigns against violence, HEIGHTEN public awareness of family violence, REDUCE stigma of victimization, UNDERLINE importance of how violence is portrayed