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A royal prison and fortress. (July 14, 1789 was the mob)



It was the name of government controlled by the middle class. It gave most of the power to people of property, which caused a return to special privileges for people with money. Only this group could vote and elect members to government.


Estates General

It was a kind of parliament that only met as a result of a royal command. It included representatives from 3 estates or social levels. Clergy, aristocrats, and middle class are the 3 different estates.


The great fear

Peasants were afraid that the kings soldiers and aristocrats would stop the revolution, that feeling was called the "great fear". So the peasants stormed and killed hundreds of people and burned down châteaux's.



It was an ideal killing machine for the revolution. It beheaded people by dropping a large blade on their necks.


National Assembly

It was a new government formed by the third estate.
It was lead by Count Mirabeau
They wanted a new constitution for France



It is the capital city of France
The largest city in France with a population of 600 000 people


Royal Tennis court

The place where the National Assembly took the tennis court oath.


Tennis court oath

A pledge that made it so the National Assembly would continue to meet until France had a new form of government.



They were poor people.
They resented the bourgeoisie and were against reforms that would benignity the business class.
They were very violent, formed mobs, and attacked anything or anyone that was suspected of being against the revolution.
They supported the radicals who wanted to execute the king and aristocrats.
It was lead by Marat.


Third estate

It was one of the 3 estates generals
It was made up of the middle class
It broke off and formed a new government called the National Assembly



A palace located in the village of Versailles.
It was built for royals and nobles to live there.
Built by Louis XIV to ensure his position as the greatest monarch in Europe


Reign of terror

Number of harsh laws designed to intimidate or eliminate anyone who disagreed with the radical Jacobins was passed
37 000 people were guillotined during this time


Legislative assembly

Convened for the first time on October 1, 1791
Tried to establish a workable government but failed since too many groups were struggling for power