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People from the middle class who invested in new business ventures. But it was hard for them to make profit because law and regulations made it difficult.
Lack of infrastructure made it difficult for them to reach the needs of their consumers



One of the most important political clubs
It started out moderate and middle class
They wanted sweeping changes in government,but viewed as too conservative by some revolutionaries.
Most were sent to the guillotine
Jacobins vs Girondists= Girondists lose over power struggle
Came from the Jacobins
It was moderate



One of the most important political clubs
Started off as moderate and middle class, but went on to being radical.
Were responsible for reign of terror
Won against the Girondists over power


Louis XIV

Known as the "sun king"
Ruled France for 72 years
Was an absolute monarch
Was involved with many wars, and lost many wars


Louis XVI

Came to the throne in 1774
He did not have the qualities for a french ruler and was not prepared to be king
He had many advisors to help him make decisions



One of the radical leaders of the revolution
He was the most radical
Murdered by Charlotte Corday in his bath.
He lead the sans-culottes who wanted to execute the king



He was one of the radical leaders of the revolution
Arrested and guillotined because he condemned himself
He ruled with the powers of a dictator after the death of Marat and Danton
He made changes to France that were modernizing



He was one of the radical leaders of the revolution
He was beheaded in 1794 because he stood up to the government and against Robespierre
He predicted the death of Robespierre


Marie Antoinette

From Austria
Was very rude, offended many aristocrats, and did little to win the hearts of her subjects.
Spent many sums of money on jewels and her own luxury. Was a strong willed person, but had no learning experience
Married to Louis XVI in 1770



Believed people should live in harmony with nature
Thought the majority should rule
Many educated women sent him gifts
Believed everyone should abide by certain rules
Thought that feelings were more important than thinking
Opposed many church teaching



Opposed many church teachings
Hated injustice
Fled France to avoid prison
Believed that absolute monarchies were good for society
Didn't like Rousseau or his ideas
Used his biting wit to attack his critics



Thought that parliaments should be elected
Thought that the majority should rule
Believed the monarchy held up progress
European rulers disliked his ideas
Opposed most church teachings



They were farmers that had to work hard for long hours for little in return
Unable to read or write
They were often victims of epidemics and famine, ended to regard life with a certain amount of superstition, and had no access to education.
Forced to spend part of their time working on the lord's property and government projects.



Shopkeepers, clerks, labourers, etc.
Most of these people were poor and lived in slums.
Half of their income was to pay for food
Many were beggars, vagrants, and thieves among them
Was hard to get food because of the price (flour)



They hunted livestock
Very wealthy
They could trample the peasants crops and owe them nothing
Showed their wealth with no embarrassment



Had the most power
Was always a guy
Ate well, slept well, and very very wealthy