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How many bits and what type of characters are used in an IPv6 address?

128 bits, hexadecimal


What are the 4 types of routing protocols used with IPv6?

1. RIPng (RIP Next Generation)
2. OSPFv3
3. EIGRPv6 (Cisco proprietary)
4. MP GBP-4 (multiprotocol BGP version 4)


When abbreviating an IPv6 address, what can be removed: leading 0s or trailing 0s?

Leading 0s


Any string of two or more consecutive zeros can be replaced with what character?

The double colon (::)


What are the 6 types of IPv6 addresses?

Global unicast, unique local, multicast, link local, anycast, and modified EUI-64


What is the global routing prefix do for an IPv6 address?

It serves as the network portion of the address


What are the first hex digits for the four different types of IPv6 addresses?

Global Unicast: 2 or 3 (ex 2001 for US IPv6 addresses)
Unique Local: FD
Multicast: FF
Link Local: FE80


What are the 3 components of a subnetted IPv6 Global Unicast Address?

Global Routing Prefix (Set by IANA, RIR, or ISP)
Subnet (bits = 64 - bits from global routing prefix)
Interface ID


What do unique local addresses serve as in IPv6?

Private IP addresses


What does the structure of a unique local address in IPv6 look like?

FD as the first two hex digits, a unique 40-bit global ID following the initial 8 bits of FD, 16 bit subnet field, 64 bit interface ID field


What commands are used to configure a static IPv6 address on a router?

ipv6 unicast-routing
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
ipv6 address 2001:DB8:1111:4::2/64


Modified EUI64 addresses enable what as part of its addressing, and how does the interface ID get created as a result of it?

The MAC address. It makes up the interface ID portion of the. To do this, it
1. splits the 48bit MAC address into two halves
2. inserts FFFE in between the two, giving a new 16 hex digit, 64 bit interface ID.
3. Lastly, the 7th bit of the interface ID gets inverted in binary and converted back into Hex


What command is used to enable a router to learn IPv6 addresses with DHCP? What about SLAAC?

ipv6 address dhcp
ipv6 address autoconfig


What happens when you add an IPv6 address to a router interface?

The interface received a unicast ipv6 address and the routing of ipv6 packets on that interface is enabled.


What are link local addresses used for in ipv6?

They are used for overhead protocols and for next-hop routing. Every ipv6 host interface and router interface can create its own link-local address


What is the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)?

It is similar to ICMP for IPv4, and performs the same role as ARP in IPv4.


What are the 4 major functions of NDP?

1. Neighbor MAC discovery
2. Router Discovery
4. Duplicate Address Detection


What is neighbor solicitation?

The process of a router asking a host with an IPv6 address to reply with a neighbor advertisement message of their MAC. This is sent to a solicited-node multicast address.


What is neighbor advertisement?

A message that lists the sender's IPv6 address and MAC address. This is usually sent in unicast directly to the soliciting host in the form of a neighbor solicitation. However, it CAN be sent unsolicited to a multicast if FF02::1.


What is router solicitation?

Message sent to all IPv6 routers locally via multicast address FF02::2 and identifies the other routers on the local network.


What is router advertsiement?

A message sent by the router in response to a RS, listing the link-local address and many other facts. Can be sent via unicast or multicast address FF02::2, but it can also be sent without being solicited to address FF02::1


What is the administrative distance of NDP?