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All confined space shall be considered immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) until proven otherwise with a calibrated direct reading instrument ( atmospheric monitor ) , For the following conditions in the order given (3 )

1. oxygen
2. flammable gases and vapors
3. potential toxic air contaminants


Only personnel who have completed the Los Angeles County fire Department confined space rescue course will be making entry or functioning in designated confined space positions. Personnel may also obtain this training by completing the California state fire marshal confined space operational class

Answer in statement


Exclusion zone: An exclusion zone should be identified and isolated by the use of yellow fire line tape, Rope, or other suitable barrier. A_______ foot perimeter is preferred for an exclusion zone

50 feet


Support zone: the support zone shall be identified by the use of fire line tape to a_______ foot perimeter beyond the exclusion zone

100 foot


The primary hazard to consider in a confined space is the potential for a hazardous or

Oxygen deficient atmosphere


During the entry preparation all fixed mechanical devices and equipment capable of causing injury shall be placed in a___________

Zero mechanical state


The keys shall remain with the

Confined space safety officer


If you must remove your standard SCBA to fit in the opening or move in the space,_____! At no time shall a SCBA be removed from once back to make entry into a confined space

Do not enter


The following levels shall be considered as immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH)

1. oxygen deficiency < 19.5%
2. oxygen enrichment> 23.5%
3. flammability at " 10% " of lower explosive limit
4. Toxicity shall be an limit whose numerical value exceeds the permissible exposure limit in accordance with state regulations, such as carbon monoxide-25 ppm and hydrogen sulfide-10 ppm


Prior to entry, each team member shall be logged on the_______ with their time of entry. This function shall be assigned to the attendant, Who shall keep the operations officer or IC appraised of the status of the team via the entry group supervisor

Rescue entry permit


Upon removal from the space, each team shall be assigned to rehab for a minimum of_____ minutes and until we hydrated and vital signs are within normal limits

30 minutes


The_______ is an individual stationed outside the confined space, at that point of entry, who monitors and maintains communications with the entrance



Confined Space: Must consist of all three of the following

1. is large enough and so configured that a person can enter and perform work
2. has limited or restricted means of entry/exit
3. is not designed for continuous occupancy


Line tenders shall consist of a minimum of______ personnel. They will tend airlines and communications cables under direct supervision of the_______

Air supply manager


.Department will reimburse the handlers for food and veterinarian care. This reimbursement is limited to_______ per year



The CCBC shall assign the two K9 search teams with the shortest response time to the incident

Answer in statement


Incident commanders are responsible for evaluating the most appropriate use and strategic positioning of rescue air cushions at urban high angle emergencies and"jumper" incidents, consulting as necessary with rescued air cushion task force and________

Law enforcement


Upon arrival at the assigned incident, the decision to use the canine shall be made by the_______ with the approval of the K-9 handler

Lead investigator


Each rescue air Cushion task force is equipped with a rescue air cushion rated for a________ foot or 10 story fall, With inflation fans and related equipment. The rescue air cushion should not be used for heights exceeding_______ feet

100 feet
100 feet


Rescue air cushion is 20 feet wide by_______ feet long

24 feet


Set up the rescue air cushion in a selected "pre-deployment area". Do not set up (inflate) the rescue air cushion in the target area! To a possible"Jumper" above, the air rescue cushion may appear to be fully inflated when it is not!

Answer in statement


Tactical alert is composed of 3 phases. Phase 1 and/or phase 2 do not have to take place prior to phase 3

Phase 1-is the planning phase
Phase 2-is the mobilization face
Phase 3-is implemented when a civil disturbance is in progress


Fire task forces will be a assembled at Firestation's in the tactical alert area and will be composed of_______ or____________

3 engines and a BC
3 engines, truck and a BC


Command and control shall notify all battalion headquarters of the phase 2 or phase 3 tactical alert. Battalion HQ Captain shall immediately provide the info concerning the phase 2 or phase 3 call alert to their assigned administrative sites

Answer in statement


BC Chiefs Will be deployed to respond with______, But not with__________

Fire task force
Medical task force


Priority for law enforcement security/Escort deployment will be ( 4 )

1. jurisdictional law enforcement agency
2. Sherrif's department
3. California highway patrol
4. National guard


Fire department officers shall request through command and control an_________ by law enforcement personnel if they determined that there is a threat to their personnel and there is an immediate need to disengage from an area



Task forces shall be commanded by a________. A medical task force shall be commanded by the_______

Engine Company captain


When task forces are implemented during phase 2 and 3 Radio designation shall be the radio designation of the_________ assigned to the fire task force

ie fire task force Bn 13 ( BC number plus shift)


"___________" may be established in phase 2 or phase 3: Alert as determined by the command and control battalion chief in coordination with the jurisdictional battalion chiefs and incident commanders

Area command


If there is an immediate need for personnel to leave the scene due to a threat to the safety of personnel, a request for law enforcement "_________" shall be made through command and control



Fire Station security during a response

1. Doors and windows locked
2. Windows coverings closed
3. lights left on
4. fuel pumps off
5. courtyard shall be closed and locked


Station evacuation– In addition to windows closed, lights left on, fuel pumps off, and courtyard closed and locked the following shall be done ( 3)

1. Electric power shut off
2. remove safety clothing
3. notify jurisdictional law enforcement for security for the site


During phase 3 tactical alert, Personnel may phone any battalion headquarters to determine their reporting location after_________

2000 hours


The_________ has an illuminated blue light and a red security box. The light only indicates the location of the box not whether the power is on or off

Emergency trip station


Trains on the metro blue line are powered by______ volts distributed to the cars by the overhead Catenary system

750 V


Emergency trip station, located at traction power substations (TPSS), When activated immediately De energizes that stub station and the_______________________

Adjacent substation in either direction


The overhead Cantenary system contains what four independent components

1. Messenger wire, supports and energizes the contact wire
2. hanger, Provide spacing between the messenger and contact wires
3. contact wire, Power to the train is accomplished through contact between the pantograph and contact wire
4. Catenary Pole, Constant tension is made by sliding weights within catenary polls


The_______ is and articulating electric power selection device fixed atop the metro car



Braking distance, non-emergency, at 55 mph to full stop Is within______ feet

750 feet


There are_____ sliding doors on each side of the light rail car. The end. Emergency door release are located over each set of passenger doors. Doors maybe opened by pulling down on the red "____" handle



windows: all exterior windows are made of polycarbonate. Entry through these windows may be gained by using a_________ saw or by removing the weather stripping



The pantograph is extended under 22 pounds of spring tension and can be lowered electronically from the operators cab or manually via pump. This pump is located under the_______ forward facing seat ( left hand side ) or cars " A" section



Metro link trains normally consist of one locomotive coupled with_____to_____ Bi level commuter car's. Bi level commuter cars are present in two different configurations, A trailer car and a cab car



Occupant load: The seating capacity is 146 occupants for the trailer car and 134 occupants for the Car. The maximum occupant capacity ( "crush load") is________ passengers per car



Access to bi level commuter cars: There are three routes for access and egress of the Bi level commuter cars:

End doors
Side doors


Side doors: During emergency operations side doors may be operated by locating the emergency door release, located at each door either side or inside. To make access break the Lex and cover plate and pull the________

Red ring


All windows in the commuter cars are constructed of________. Interior emergency exit windows are identified by a________ at the window molding

Lexane polycarbonate
Red ring


Electrical hazard: Breaching the walls or roof of the cars is______ an option due to the double Wall construction and 480 volt cables routing inside the car



Milepost references: Generally a post with a number placards attached to_______, ________, And_______

Crossing gates
Signal houses


Reporting: in addition to following department standard reporting format personnel should also report the: (3 )

1. milepost number
2. access routes
3. type of train


Notifications shall be made through command and control as soon as possible and should include the following information

1. name of the home railroad
2. mile marker or street name
3. type of incident
4. type of request
5. estimated duration time


Who has overall responsibility for a blue water incident?

The Coast Guard "SRU" ( search and rescue unit)


Entering the water: personnel shall conduct rescue operations from the shore, Helicopter, or a boat, whenever possible. When obvious hazards exist firefighter shall not enter the water except as a last resort to save lives

Answer in statement


____________: and upstream safety/Lookout position shall be established at all Swiftwater rescue sites to warn of dangerous debris in the water which may strike rescuers and victims

Downstream safety


Rescue of victims methods listed in order of preference

1. shore-based rescues first when possible
2. Boats or helicopters
3. rescue– FF's in the H20 as support for lifeguards etc.
4. contact rescue in the water by
firefighters. This should be attempted only as a last resort


Lowhead dams: Personnel shall not enter the danger zone of a Lowhead dam for any reason

Answer in statement


Swiftwater rescue: the size up report shall include

1. request for sufficient assistance
2. conditions at scene– H20 depth, speed
3. assessment of hazards to personnel
4. initial action and instructions to incoming units. This shall be based on a preplan for the waterway and conditions at scene


__________ is responsible for incident coordination and the waters adjacent to Los Angeles County.

United States Coast Guard group LA/Long Beach


Upon arrival of a United States Coast Guard surface search and rescue unit, The on scene commander shall_______ command to the United States Coast Guard



Responding Marine units shall activate________ when on scene

Blue light


Company officers/helicopter pilots are responsible for

1. supervising a safe evacuation of the site
2. implementing the rescue of injured persons at the site
3. assessing the availability of all emergency equipment at the site
4. accessing and reporting the information gathered in the site survey
5. completing a primary and or secondary jurisdictional survey
6. reporting jurisdictional survey results
7. the triaged and management of all reported alarms
8. Recording and documenting response activity and actions


All decision making an action plans Will be based on the department priorities of

1. protecting life
2. protecting property
3. protecting the environment
4. assisting other agencies


Company status and site survey. When an earthquake occurs, the site supervisor and/ or Company officer shall

1. ensure the safety of all personnel
2. direct movement of apparatus to a safe location
3. immediately notify command and control that an earthquake has occurred
4. go on radio and MDT standby
5. determine status of facility
6. direct a site survey
7 report the site survey to the battalion commander within 15 minutes


When an earthquake occurs the site survey report results are given to the jurisdictional battalion commander with in______ minutes of the event

15 minutes


Primary jurisdictional survey shall be conducted Code R and completed in less than_______ minutes

30 minutes


Battalion command: BC's shall report to FCCF the earthquake intensity rating level for their immediate location within____ minutes

Five minutes


BC's shall be prepared to establish a battalion command post with______ minutes of an earthquake and/ or ALL call notification

15 minutes


Earthquake intensity rating level scale

Level 0 nothing felt
Level 1 EQ felt, No damage
Level 2 Windows broke
Level 3 Block walls down
Level 4 structures shifted off foundation
Level 5 structural collapse


Site survey Shall be reported within 15 minutes using the following communication priorities to the BC

1. MDT ( send to both the battalion commander vehicle and battalion headquarters station)
2. assigned tactical frequency
3. assigned TRO frequency( direct mode first, Then repeater)
4. telephone
5. relay via field unit


Site survey: when unable to contact the BC or the Battalion HQ's for 15 minutes contact FCCF using the following communication priorities:

1. Blue 4 ( repeat )
2. MDT to " LA "
3. telephone
4. TAC 3


BC's or battalion HQ personnel shall report to FCCF and division HQ's after all stations have reported. If all sites have not reported, report available information within_______ minutes. Follow-up with a complete report after all sites have reported

20 minutes


The BC or BN quarters will report survey results to command and control using the following communication priorities (4 )

1. Blue 4 ( repeat mode )
2. MDT to "LA '
3. telephone
4. TAC 3


The disaster communications plan has " 4 " dispatch modes

Mode 1 – Normal dispatching
Mode 2– Central command, single resources
Mode 3–District command, Response prioritize by jurisdictional companies
Mode4 – Field command, Bn Commander establishes communications with PSAP


During mode____ also refer to as_____, Each battalion must function on its own. All communications between command and control and the field have failed

Field command


Battalion commanders shall perform all the functions normally associated with command and control including the dispatch of resources, tracking of resources and documentation of emergency activities

Answer in statement


Battalion commanders shall use the following communication priorities to request resources from command and control

1. assigned TRO frequency
2. MDT to "L A"
3. telephone
4. Blue 4 ( repeat mode )


Jurisdictional survey shall be performed by all stations within a battalion when and administrative site within the battalion registers a level______, Directed by command and control, Or by the______

Battalion commander


The________ shall be started immediately upon completion and reporting of the site survey.

Primary jurisdictional surveys


Secondary jurisdictional survey: If unable to contact the appropriate Bn HQ after________ minutes, contact command and control directly using the following communication priorities

15 minutes

1. Blue 4
2. MDT to "LA"
3 telephone
4 TAC 3


In dispatch mode 4 ( Field command ) the BC shall handle all the duties associated with dispatch mode two and three and the following

1. establish communications with the local public safety answering point, and staff any local city EOC if necessary
2. obtain, gather and compile request for service
3. prioritize all request for service
4. dispatch resources accordingly
5 maintain the status of and track all resources with the battalion
6. maintain a record of all actions and decisions
7. when a decision is made to terminate Battalion command, command and control shall be informed of battalion resource status


Exclusion zone: A minimum_____ but area established around the insects. This area is subject to change according to swarm activity

300 feet


Bee extermination method: A 1% solution of either class"A" foam or_____________ sprayed by a fog nozzle on AHB's is sufficient to immediately immobilized the bees for indefinite period of time

AFFF, aqueous film forming foam


LACC personnel shall inform the caller that the policy of the LA Co fire department is to exterminate all_______ snakes not to relocate them



The response of the first in unit shall be code ____ if in structures, and/ or in life threatening situations: code___ may be used at the discretion of the fire captain on other nonthreatening snake calls



All poisonous snakes, And all snakes that are not positively identified as harmless, shall be treated as poisonous and shall be killed, Or turned over to Department of animal care and control. The owner/occupant shall be informed of the situation and permission to continue shall be obtained

Answer in statement


At any time, if the owner or the informant does not perceive the departments policies or procedures to be acceptable, or if the incident becomes too dangerous to proceed, the supervisor on scene may elect to contain the area and wait for the arrival of animal care and control personnel to assume responsibility

Answer in statement


The most common devices used by terrorists are____



Incident priorities for a suspected or confirmed terrorist incident shall include

1. protection of life/health
2. protection of the environment
3. protection of the crime scene
4. protection of property and equipment
5. preservation of crime scene evidence


Only especially trained and equipped personnel (USAR, hazmat ) shall be allowed into the_______ zone once it has been established



Only the_____ may make an exception to this policy, and only after careful consideration of the circumstances



The_____ after careful consultation with the appropriate technical specialist, may redefine the exclusion zone as well as any other perimeter required by the incident



The first arriving Company shall establish the_______ area and the________ area and begin emergency decontamination of the victims

Emergency decontamination
Safe refuge


Terrorism:- Radio size up report shall include-

1. location by address or intersection
2. type of incident
3. whether the incident is dynamic or static
4. whether fire is involved
5. estimated number of victims: there signs and symptoms
6. special instructions
a) direction of approach for incoming units
b) safe distances for staging and future
c) appropriate PPE to be worn


Indicators of possible chemical weapons usage (4)

1. unusual incidents of dead or dying animals with a lack of insects, or insects on the ground
2. unexplained casualties ( multiple victims, Serious illness
3. unusual liquids, sprays, or vapor
4. suspicious devices/ packages


The IC shall remind all personnel to monitor their personal Dosemeters and employee________ personnel to survey the operational area with assigned radiological survey meters.______ personnel shall respond to assist the IC on all suspicious events to confirm or rule out any radiological release

Truck company


If a structure collapse/explosion is suspected of having been caused by a terrorist act, one of the greatest threats to the first responder is the possible existence of_________ and________ Devices



Evacuate all personnel and secure the scene a safe distance from the initial explosion site. And evacuation of a minimum distance of______ feet in all directions, including vertically, Is recommended by the AED

1000 feet


Suspected terrorist driven multi-casually incident. After victims receive emergency decontamination, they shall then be directed to a safe refuge area, pending any further decontamination prior to medical evaluation by the incident medical group. The safe refuge area shall be located in the________ near the contamination reduction zone

Exclusion zone


A medical decontamination shall be employed as an interim measure to ensure decontamination effectiveness prior to evaluation of victims by the medical group. This secondary decontamination is established and operated by additional responding units in a geographical location known as the



The task forces will be composed of a minimum of________ units to a maximum of________ units plus a______

Battalion chief


_________: Will be assembled at each paramedic squad staff station in the tactical alert area.

Medical task force