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Virtual Private Cloud


Soft limit of VPC and Subnets per region

5 VPC, 200 subnets


Configuring routing to the Internet

Create VPC. Go to Internet gateway bar.
Create Internet gateway and attach this to the VPC.
Go to route tables bar. Create route table. Click Edit routes and add a new route: Destination and target is your IGW. Associate this route table with a subnet



Network Access Control List. It functions the same way as firewall does on PC
NACL are stateless. So they do not recognize responses as being responses for a request which was allowed to


Security groups

Security Groups are firewalls that are applied to individual instances or other devices like load balancers, interfaces
Security groups are statefull. So they do recognize when a request comes into port 80 and a load balancer responses to ephemeral port, they recohnize this to be a response


VPC Peering

Allows to connect two VPCs