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What is a diagnostic test?

definitive test of whether a condition is present


What is a screening test?

sort population into people who are more or less likely to have condition being saught


WHat is senstivity?

proportion of true positives correctly identified by the test


What is specificity?

proportion of true negatives correctly identified by test


What is the positive predictive value?

probability of person having disease when test is positive


What is negative predictive value?

probability of person bot having the disease when the test is negative


How do you calculate prevalence?

people with disease/total


How do you calculate positive predictive value?

People who have the disease out of all the people who test positive


How do you calculate negative predictive value?

people who don't have disease out of everyone who was tested negative


How do you calculate sensitivity?

Number of people who tested positive for the disease out of everybody that had it


How do you calculate specificity?

Number of people who tested negative for the disease out of everybody that doesn't have it


WHat are the WHO criteria for screening?

important health problem for individual and community
Accepted treatment or useful intervention
natural history of disease should be understood
latent or early stage present
Acceptable nd suitable screening test
facilities for diagnosis and treatment
agreed policy for whom to treat
treating early is more beneficial than later
cost effective
continuous project


What are the advantages for screening for Down's syndrome?

increased choice for patients
decreased cost to family, and NHS
ability to prepare in advance
better understanding of case and progress of screenable conditions


WHat are the disadvantages of down syndrome screening?

potential erosion of choice if baby found to be high risk
fear that NHS will not cover baby with screenable conditions
potential blaming and suing parents who chose ti give birth to baby with screenable condition
screening for an untreatable condition


What are the considerations with terminating a pregnancy?

stigma with abortion
think of condition as bad
affect those who do not terminate
effects on mother's health


WHat are the considerations for continuing with pregnancy?

stigma with defective child
stigma with living with condition