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What is the population of Houston?

2.3 million


What river is Houston located on?

Buffalo Bayou River


What are the main industries in Houston?

Energy industry
Biomedical research


How many inches of rain fell during Hurricane Harvey?

50- national record


What types of floods do Houston get?

500 year floods


How has climate change influenced storms?

They have become more frequent and severe


What are the human causes of flooding?

Deforestation reduces interception and removes the roots that gives the soil good structure
Fake pasture doesn't allow water to sink
Impermeable areas of tarmac prevents water from being absorbed
Increased sewage water into channel increases the volume of water


How has urbanisation increased flood risk?

25% shallow infiltration in rural reduced to 10% in urban
25% deep infiltration in rural reduced to 5% in urban
40% evapotranspiration in rural reduced to 30% in urban
10% runoff in rural increased to 55% in urban
Natural ground cover in rural vs 75% - 100% impervious cover


What are the growing concerns about Houstons future?

They are now governed by someone who doesn't believe climate change exists so will they get funding?
They believe it's going to cause more catastrophes and more misery
Tried to fight against country officials for planning to build on flood plains and grassland which act as crucial flood plains but they lost that battle
Developers continue to be greedy


How have Houston increased flood awareness?

They have a radio station, KPRC Tv, Channel 2 and the NBC affiliate which warm people about areas which are flooding.