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The definition of 'contra-indication'

An identifiable reason why treatment may be unable to take place, or where caution is required.


The definition of 'prevent' in terms of contra-indications.

No treatment at all must take place - treatment is prevented.


The definition of 'restrict' in terms of contra-indications.

The treatment may need to be adapted - the treatment is restricted.


Reason for contra-indication - skin infections

Prevent treatment - risk of cross infection.


Reason for contra-indication - severe skin disorders

Prevent treatment - may make worse / cause secondary infection.


Contra-indication - ro-accutane

Oral acne medication, makes skin fragile. Prevents treatment.


Contra-indication - undiagnosed lumps / swellings

Requires GP diagnosis - prevents treatment


Contra-indication - retin-a or tetracycline medication

Topical acne medication / antibiotic medication - increases skin sensitivity - prevents treatment.


Contra-indication - diabetes

Endocrine disorder affecting blood sugar control. Skin is slow to heal and sensation may be impaired. Increased infection risk. GP consent required. Patch & thermal tests to be carried out.


Contra-indication - blood thinning medication / hemophilia.

Increased risk of bruising due to reduced blood clotting ability. GP consent required.


Contra-indication - defective circulation

Poor skin healing may occur due to reduced blood flow (symptom of heart disease, MS or diabetes). GP consent required.


Contra-indication - Epilepsy

Neurological condition which causes fitting, can be mildly affected (petit mal) or severely affected (grand mal). May require GP consent.


Contra-indication - mild skin disorders

Such as eczema or psoriasis - will restrict treatment, affected areas must be avoided.


Contra-indication - bruising

Caused by bleeding under the skin. Restricts treatment - working over a bruise may worsen it.


Contra-indication - varicose veins

Local circulatory disorder caused by defective valve, commonly affects the legs. Area must be avoided - risk of ulceration or thrombosis if treated.


Contra-indication - Thrombosis

Circulatory disorder - blood clot in a vein. Prevents treatment. If clot (thrombus) were to move to the heart, lungs or brain it may be fatal.


Contra-indication - Recent scar tissue

Scar less than 6 months old / still red & raised. Must be avoided as working over it may reopen the wound or delay healing.


Contra-indication - Broken bones, fractures & sprains

May cause unnecessary discomfort. Restricts treatment - area to be avoided.


Contra-indication - defective skin sensation

Damaged sensory nerves. Often related to diabetes. Increased risk of skin damage as client unable to tell if wax is too hot. Prevents treatment.


Contra-indication - product allergies.

Increased risk of allergic / adverse reaction. Detailed consultation & patch test required.


Contra-indication - recent acid peels (TCA, glycolic, PHA, salicylic, lactic, mandelic etc) / microdermabrasion.

Surface thickness of epidermis has been reduced, increased risk of sensitivity & skin damage. Restricts treatment - area to be avoided.


Contra-indication - recent tattoo / PMU (within 3 months)

Skin may still be healing. Working over area may remove pigment & increase risk of secondary infection. Restricts treatment.


Contra-indication - phlebitis

Circulatory disorder involving inflammation of the veins. Prevents treatment.


Contra-indication - cuts & abrasions

Must be avoided - may cause unnecessary discomfort, slow skin healing & increase risk of secondary infection. Restricts treatment.


Contra-indication - sunburn & windburn

May further damage already damaged skin & cause additional discomfort. Area to be avoided. Restricts treatment.