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What is meant by 'contra-action'

An unwanted reaction which occurs during or after a treatment.


Contra-action - erythema

Normal contra-action as a result of the heat from the wax & removal of the hair from the root. Follow normal aftercare advice.


Contra-action - burns (heat & friction)

Heat burns - caused by wax being too hot
Friction burns caused by tight clothing
Apply a cold compress followed by a dry dressing. No further treatment. Do not burst any blisters. Seek medical advice if severe.


Contra-action - allergic reaction

May present as erythema, swelling, itching, wheals (blisters) & sensitivity. Remover product from the skin, apply a cold compress & soothing product. Seek medical advice if severe.


Contra-action - bruising

Caused by bleeding under the skin - due to faulty technique. Apply a cold compress with pressure and give no further treatment.


Contra- action - lifted skin

May not appear immediately. Can present as excessive erythema & discomfort within 24 hours of treatment followed by flaking of the skin as it heals. Due to faulty technique / contra-indicated client. Treat as a burn.


Contra-indication - discomfort

Pain tolerance is very individual. Waxing is more uncomfortable the week before menstruation. Positioning the client correctly, supporting the skin and using a suitable waxing product will minimise potential discomfort.


Contra-indication - ingrown hair

Presents as an area of redness & swelling surrounding the affected follicle. There may be pus. The hair has been unable to break through the dead skin cells covering the follicle & has grown back on itself. Regular exfoliation & moisturising of the area will help.