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The plastic shipping plugs are removed from the nose well and the tail fuze cavity of MK 80 GP bombs at which of the following times

During de-palletizing procedures


What is the indication of the FMU-139 series fuze when the saying pin is removed and the red and black striping is visible on the gag rod sleeve

Fuze is enabled and could be armed


What is the proper orientation of an MK 122 arming safety switch coaxial cable when installed in the BLU-110

Aft of the lanyard pin


When tightening the clamp bolt of the BSU-33 fin to the bomb body what must ensure

The fin clamping ring contacts within V-groove of bomb body 360 degrees


What component retains the firing pin assembly of the MK 76 practice bomb

A cotter pin


Where is the MK 89 spotting charge adapter installed in the BDU-45

Bomb tail well


What is the acronym GBU

Guided bomb unit


What must you care about when exercising the PRF switches on the MAU-169 , MAU-209 , and WCU-10

That switch stop limits are not exceeded


A complete JDAM guidance set consist of a tail assembly and ________ assembly

Aero surface


When inspecting the CBU-99 fin release band for installation of safety cotter pin , what must you insure

Safety cotter pin prong is bent to 15-30 degree angle


Before a reusable rocket launcher is loaded onto an aircraft , it should be sent to AIMD for which of the following reasons

An electrical checkout


When a rocket warhead is inspected , what maximum amount of gap , if any , is allowed between the fuze adapter and the warhead

No cap is allowed


Which of the following devices should be in place whenever a rocket motor is removed or protrudes from a rocket launcher

A shielding band


When inspecting the SLAM-ER in the shipping container , you must inspect the interior for any evidence of damage , engine oil , fuel _____ or _____

Battery electrolyte , loose hardware


What primary factor dictates the way a weapon is to be configured

The mission requirements